The mask you where on occasion is unnecessary.  Learn to Love yourself as we do, Dear One.  Celebrate the uniqueness that is you.  Find and appreciate yourself as you would a rose in full bloom.  You notice the color, shape and size of the flower.  You enjoy the fragrance but you are not obsessing over the thorns.  The thorns are there but you avoid them, respectfully.  If a thorn were to attach itself to you, you give it the attention it needs to release yourself from it and still admire the rose.  You are the rose.  Your thorns are attributes that have a propose.  They are to be respected, noted when they surface and released as put of a function, nothing more.

In the same way you approach a new or existing relationship, you focus on the wonderful gifts your partner brings and in that you feel elated, as it is a mirror, a reflection of the gifts within yourself.  When you focus on the thorns, the elation decreases.  The purpose of any union is to elevate the vibration you hold for yourself multiplied exponentially.  That is why unions are sought after in the first place.  When two people find each other in vibrational alignment, the union takes the vibration up.  IF you are not in sync with the wholeness of you, you will attract from this vibrational place.  Love yourself, Dear One.  Take the time to appreciate your own gifts first then you will have much to offer your partner.  When you learn to be with yourself in full appreciation, you will never feel lonely or in need of companionship, only that the union will elevate your vibration.  Find time for you and We will provide the aligned relationships.

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