Gathering occurs with contrast.  You ask the universe to supply your most genuine heart wishes and it prepares to deliver.  When you have experiences that do not line up with what you have asked, it is an opportunity to refine and declare with conviction your wish.  When you were a child, you wished on a dandelion and blew the seeds into the sky.  Your hopes for the fulfillment of that wish drifted up and away and you never gave it another thought.  Of course you are worthy to receive your wish, you thought.  As an adult, you might think the wish is too big or too much to be granted.  Therein lies the work.  You are still that same child in the eyes of the universe.  You are completely worthy.  Learn to let the seeds fly.  Imagine them reaching your angels and their delight at being able to be of service.  They ready themselves to deliver the request, but in the interim you doubt you will actually get what you asked for. The angels are all packed up with your gift.  They are at your door, ringing your bell and you have become deaf!  Let it go.

All that you have put with the gathering of your experiences are inside your heart right now.  They are glorious and perfect.  Hiding them in your heart keeps them there.  Take a moment and find the most precious one.  The one you guard.  It is the one that is wrapped exquisitely.  Love it.  Love the time that it has taken you to create it.  It is time to open it and give it over to the angels for manifestation.  You read these words and at this moment you lose doubt and find your courage.  We ask that you intuitively journey within and find the reason you have denied this gift.  Ask for Us to help you release the fear.  You are loved so completely.  There is not a thing we would change if we could.  You are a unique expression of Source.  There is nothing to change.  Love yourself as you would your own child.  You do not deny the children the journey of creating their wishes and receiving them.   You are this child.  Embrace yourself.  Intuitively you do not doubt this.  Do not let your thinking mind overrule your heart.  It does not know better.  it is the means at which you function and get your tasks done to be healthy and care for the physical experience.  The mind is a tool, not the governing body.  Give it the credit it deserves but not much more.  Thought is limiting.  Emotional response and feelings guide you to the truth of who you are.  Be YOU.

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