You Are The Offering

Make your offering to Mother Earth, let it be you.  Your dedication to your path inspires others.  Your enlightened souls uplifts and re-energizes.  There is no need for instruction.  Being in your presence is instruction enough.  Notice the layers of protection and walls of defense begin to crumble as you penetrate them with Love, compassion and acceptance.

Honoring your true feelings is courageous.  Your emotional response to a relationship tells you volumes of truth, but are you ready to see without self judgment and criticism the mirror before you?  You may be very adept at forgiving others but the most rewarding gift is this love towards yourself.  Let the anger, disappointment and embarrassment well up in you.  Smile and embrace the gorgeous opportunity to peer deeply into the response.  Ah yes, the warrior declares, “another chance to love myself even more!”

The healing is instantaneous.  The joy will flow through you replacing the other emotions with a true sense of FREEDOM.  You will be whole once again after the dismantling but so much more authentic.  The power surges through your physical and energetic body realigning yourself more fully with who you really are, Source Incarnate.

There is not one problem that arises that will be stifling. You will perceive only a bit of a stumble as you resonate closer to the core of truth and freedom that resides deep within.  It is not possible to have done so much work and veer far from center.  The reality fills with Light and the seriousness transforms into humor.  There is a giggle that dances around your soul at you are challenged and rise above.  Conquer each interaction with your truth and the guidance will be simply stated.  Your actions will be clear.  Clarity resonates with peace and your mere presence will be enough to move mountains.

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