Conscious Intention

Living life from your center is a conscious intention.  Allow the chaos of your life to form into compartments of manageable stuffs.  Bare witness to each compartment filling and diminishing, as the universe provides the appropriate response and timing for each.  The center has the strength of endless trust and patience.  Nothing of consequence will be forgotten but you can be sure that the issues of no import will peel away like layers of an onion and you will be left only with the necessary components that need your attention.

Courageous bravery stands at the center.  Be firm in your intention to stay clear of drama.  You are free to express the joy of who you are when you keep the space closest to your heart clear of debris.  The stillness affords you ample time to reflect and choose from the truth in your heart the next action. You will always be in a state of peace as the intensity of this illusion in 3D detach.  Find the sense of humor in the drama and taking yourself too seriously.  Release the tension through laghter.  Detoxify everyday either with physical care of your body or emotional release through laughter. Blessing the foods you eat will allow the right balance to enter your system.  Just being in the center will facilitate better care of yourself during this season.

Demands are high but you can pick what you put your attention to.   It is not your responsibility to be the source of happiness for others.  Take on only those tasks which bring you joy.  You are given permission to walk away if it becomes a burden.  Expect that the level of appreciation for your attention be reciprocated.

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