The Flow

After many years of accumulating experience and choosing the most comfortable options, you now have a large bank to choose from.  It is time for bringing all the pieces together and weeding out the unpreferred options.  All this can be done with your declaration and intension.

During the next months, you will be given opportunities to re-examen your choices for yourself.  The limiting ones need to be identified and eliminated from the list of options in your energy matrix.  Use visualization and the power of your imagination to describe in the most detail your perfect outcome.  Make no excuses for the amount of abundance that you currently allow.  Honor the most exalted version of your vision for yourself and feed it with detail use sing all your senses.  This is the way to the flow of the universe.

You are not being punished for being here.  Quite the contrary.  As you begin using this tool, be sure to include a detoxification regimen for your body.  Salt baths are an easy way to remove emotional baggage.

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