Strength and Resilience

The balance of your body, mind and spirit will make shooting an arrow from your heart towards your intended goal easier to receive.  When all is in alignment, your message to the Angelic Realm is clear and we are able to deliver more quickly.  When you are without a doubt, securely and confidently moving towards your goal, your self-talk is positive and reassuring.  Keep your aim true and your goal in sight regardless of your starting point.  It may seem you need a miracle and you may!  Miracles happen everyday, many times a day.

By dedicating your time to your health and steadily improving the strength and resilience of your body, you will recover from years of neglect quickly.  You body craves balance.  It will help you reach your goal when your mind is trying to sabotage your efforts.  Your mind is programmed to limit your power by stopping any movement towards wholeness and reuniting with the Divine.  Once you have felt the truth of the power within this alignment, you will know the limiting aspect of your mind and be able to override the sabotage by asking for our assistance.

Take time to listen to your body for a message today.   

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