You are Loved That Much


You have at your disposal all the knowledge in the Universe.  There is an energetic band that will supply you with all that you need to move forward to the next inspiration.  As you move through this lifetime, your experiences help you gather information.  This information is processed by your conscious mind but more importantly you are preparing for the next beginning on an energetic level.  This is not a conscious undertaking.  To reach the deeper part of your knowing, you must be still.  

We have talked to you of your body and how important it is to help you process the experiences you have attracted.  It is the way towards your ascension.  You become more aware how the energy of your interactions affects your form.  Become aware of how it affects the creation process.

Move through with Faith that you are never alone.  Call on Us, the Angelic Realm, to stand by you.  We have only Love for you and compassion for your struggles.  Find your way to peaceful transitions, using your body to help you process transitions faster and with more grace.

Nurturing physical contact with others is crucial to your happiness and equilibrium.  We will be able to help you find this closeness if you allow us to guide you.  We will never demand or order.  You will know it is Divine when it fills you with joy.  In the first moments of the message you will be pleased.  Many of you tend to negate the possibility of such a gift within seconds of the original thought.  Allow the joy to linger and open to the possibility that you are Loved that much!

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