Peace Throughout Your Day

My Legion of Light is at your command.  With the Light and Love from Source we are under your direction to open a pathway for peace everywhere you go.  There is not one situation that is not worthy of our presence.  We are here to assist in spreading peace throughout the planet.  We hold the highest regard for all human life.  There is no judgment for any person or their decision to stand in the Light or to refuse it.  This gift of peace is in your hands.  You may change the world today by expecting peace to prevail.

We know you have the greatest expectations in your heart for all who are touched by this Light.  You may not see the benefit immediately, but know that the highest good is being offered.  You may also call on this Light on your own behalf.  Speak up for yourself.  We will give you the courage you need to move through the challenges of your day with grace and ease.  The Light you offer to others is for you to basque in as well.

Peace is everywhere you are.  Demand that you are able to hold on to this no matter what your challenge is.  Ask for the Sword of Light to cut away the drama and any attachment that might be clouding your connection to Source.  You can remain grounded through it all.

Even in the city, where the challenges are great you may have peace throughout your day.  Be reminded of the magical power of nature and the presence of the angels by appreciating the clouds.  The clouds are a gift from the natural world to offer you peace in times of struggle and they can be seen from many vantage points.  When the natural world is physically far you may bring it close by remembering with your heart and feeling their presence.


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