Command Us to Serve you


Although this may seem repetitive, as some have heard this message before, it is worthy of further declaration, as you move through the challenges of your life as an individual, you care for many others.  Sometimes this commitment can over shadow your ability to secure time for yourself and your personal dreams.  These people, family or friends, have contracted to be here as you have.  It is in the best interest of all to send loving energy instead of worry and fear.  One of the most efficient ways to do this is to send me to their side.  I have an army of angels available to bring to all who call.  Ask for as many as you’d like, 100, 1000, 10,000?  We can fill any home, business or vehicle with our presence.  Command Us so we may come to you and help care for your loved ones.


Your “home” space is sacred.  Where ever you go you can declare it a sacred space, you bring it with your heart.  Tranquility and peace in the home supports you in creating your dreams and making them reality.  Some basic needs must be met in order for development of the service commitment you have come to fill.  Ask for our assistance to get things in order for you so that your service commitment can flourish.  You are here with a team of others who also have this commitment.  We are facilitating these unions as your ability to commitment on a new level arises.  Enjoy the synchronicity and marvel at its unfolding.


Display your joy created by the freedom in your heart out for all to witness.  We are here as an extension of Source.  All you need to foster is your faith in the force of love in your life and bask in it.


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