Pursue Peace

When you give away your troubles to us, we respond immediately.  You are then supposed to rest and rely on the solution to “come” to you.  There will be a knowing that will come from this kind of request.  The problem is that you continue to manipulate the situation in your conscious mind, searching for an answer.  You cannot hear the guidance if you are too busy filling your head with solutions.  This kind of problem solving is exhausting and very limited.  As angels, we see all aspects of the situation and will facilitate the solution in everyone’s best interest.  Take a break and allow us to step in.  You will be amazed by the absolute clarity by which you can move through situations if you let us in.

You will become more and more self-reliant.  In truth, you are never alone.  With this practice, you will develop and relationship with yourself and increase your confidence.  Life is meant to push you so you may learn how resilient you are.  As you conquer difficult situations with less effort by listening and allowing our guidance, your self respect will blossom.

When you revisit these issues that you have overcome through guidance, soon you will realize how you created the situation in the first place.  You are all powerful in your life.  You alone have the power to change it.  It is a work well worth pursuing as it will give you peace.

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