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Honor Your Emotions


The Archangels remind us to honor our emotions…. Your emotions are healing you.   Emotional response to a situation will only help you open to more Love for yourself and others in your life.  You will learn to love each situation as a gift, an opportunity to embrace life and all its lessons.  The emotional response is an opportunity to release anger and unforgiveness from your heart and mind.

All it takes is the ability to share the emotion through Love, either to the other person involved or to your angels.  Soften the grip you have on it.  You identify yourself with this hurt or injury whether it was seemingly self inflicted or not.  All experience is governed by your energy and the amount of Love you have for You.  There is Always more Love.

Jesus reminds us of the power of forgiveness.  Being resentful, jealous, holding a grudge will only keep you prisoner.  You can escape form this emotional cage.  Your capacity for Love goes beyond what you have allowed for yourself.  Allow the violet flame to alchemize the hatred you have attached yourself to.  Imagine, see, feel the violet flame all around and through your physical body.  The emotions are buried in your cells.  The violet ray is the highest available on the planet.  The transformation of this dark places hidden in your body will set you free.  Imagine my hand on your heart, releasing all patterns of guilt, blame and jealousy.  Breathe deeply and let the release come.  The energy from Source fills the space left from the clearing.  Feel, see, imagine the wholeness of your heart.  The vibration of pure Love from Source removes all the residue of past hurt.  It is gone and you are free.  It is simple if you allow it to be.  All karma is absolved in this moment. You are a glorious representation of Love and Light.

Take time today to Love yourself.  You spend so much time caring for others.  Shine the Light on yourself.  Find time to sit in nature, write, meditate, and move your body.  You will find the joy of your physical existence by attending to your needs.  Do not rely on others.  You have all you need to provide the Love that will fill your heart, so you may continue to give to others without feeling empty or drained.  There is guilt as you give yourself Love.  You must release this to your angels as well.  You deserve at least the Love you give to others.  There is so much more Love.  Bathe in the Light and witness the burdens melt away.  Today is all that counts.  Today is the only moment that you have influence over.  Do it with LOVE.

Spend Time in Nature

Archangel Michael would like to remind each and every one of us to spend more time outdoors.  When you are a Seeker in the path you need as much help and support as possible to pull yourself out of the illusion that seems so formidable as it is physcially reinforced each day.  You can feel it, touch it and all the circumstances around you seem very real.  As you begin realize the power of your energetic existence and it begins to grow, you are vulnerable to losing your focus because the energetic reality is illusive.

Spending time in nature and connecting to the nature spirits and Elementals is a wonderful gift as you do your Earth Walk.  The Elementals are as real as you are  but are vibrating at a different frequency so they do not seem as apparent as you may like.  There are fairies and tree and bush people ready to assist you on your path.  Take a walk in a place that has not been manipulated by human hands, if you can.  Breathing deeply and without fear, holding only love in your heart, approach a tree that seems to reach out to you.  Introduce yourself, your intention for sharing the Love and they will reveal themselves to you.  They have become invisible to humans because we lost the ability to BE in Love.  Each and everyone of you is Love without fear and without limitations.   Allow the Tree Person to embrace you and honor you as a child of God, Pure Energy from Source.  Become aware of the intense energy surrounding you.  You may even perceive their form if you hold no fear in your heart.

Your personal truth can be a challenge to uphold or even to reveal to yourself because you have practiced unknowing yourself since the beginning of this lifetime.  Many of you are in unhealthy situations and cannot find the strength to honor yourself to remove yourself from them.  The time you spend in nature, receiving the Love inherently yours the less you will tolerate anything that is not in Love and Light.  Immerse yourself in nature and you will find the strength you need to move out of these unhealthy situations.

Here lies the right path for you.  It is the path of the most Love and happiness.

Take a moment

Take a moment to close your eyes, breathing deeply, We would like  you to perceive the limitless amount of Love supporting and nurturing you, right now…

Like the warm sunshine warming our skin, full of vitality and invigoration,  feel the penetration of the warmth deeper.

Your breath is your connection to remembering freedom in Love.  Most humans do not breath to capacity which causes a fear response throughout the body.  The birth experience is the first time this was experienced.  From the aqueous environment of the womb of your mothers through the birth canal, there is oxygen deprivation in your small body.  There is a moment of fear of not getting the connection from your mother because your cord is compressed and being cut off from survival all together.

There is much preparation in getting you to this physical plane.  The preparation matches your personal commitments and service contracts with the Divine and the connections to other humans born at the same time.  There are global, universal and personal itinerary that are put into the equation.  In the core of it all, is your Free Will.

Free Will is the reason for this particular existence on Mother Earth.  Is it possible for the Divine Light of Source to live in physical form with Free Will?  As history has shown there are occurrences of severe brutalities and tremendous beauty.  The choice is always yours.  All opportunities  are an option.  It is a plethora of choices without any judgement from Source about any of it, despite popular belief of punishment.  It is a collective energy that is held in unison….

Let us return to the sun metaphor, the sun being the Love of the universe surround and inspiring you.   It is not the same effect if you are sitting at a window and the sunlight is streaming in.  The window is a barrier.  It seems clear but all the vitality of the light from the sun cannot be felt through the glass.  Many of you have blocks in your energy systems and implants in your physical bodies that need to be removed to perceive the Eternal Love that surrounds you.  This is not to cause you any panic.  Humanity has been a victim of manipulation its history on planet Earth.

to be continued….archangel_michael_by_zischke-d4ilk5j

Create From Your Unique Version of Source

archangel_michael_by_edcamp65rhhToday, Dear Ones, I wish to inspire you to search and develop your creativity.  It is when you have found that spark within yourself, you are deeply connected to your individual connection and expression of Source Energy.  Unfortunately, it has been the prevailing teaching from other religious factions that there is only one way to reach Source, through prayer or meditation.  But that is as far from the truth, the way to your connection to Source is as unique as you are.  Physical activity of almost any kind will release stress and toxins form your body.  This is preferred due to the difficulty to connect when the body is tense and full of fear.  The practice of maintaining your physical form, as well as clearing the food your eat, is very important to this endeavor.  Just ask the Love and Light from Source to clear your food of any substances that are potentially damaging to your body and ask to elevate the vitality of the food so it will be utilized in the most efficient way.

Your creativity is only your own.  Not one of you will write the same story the same way, nor paint the same picture the same way.  You might even try doing the same artistic expression multiple times an discover how differently you express yourself on any given day.  As the vibrational frequency on the planet shifts, you are all adjusting everyday.  You are different everyday.  Be aware of the state of you, emotionally, physically, mentally.  Without judgement, just observe.  You can understand this better if you remember an incident during your childhood.  Remember your emotional, mental and physical state.  As an adult, you view the incident with a completely different understanding and can appreciate your initial response but you would not react the same way today.  Although there are years in between this reflection, you capable of being this aware within weeks, days, even hours.

Finding your creative force is key to a happy and fulfilled life.  If you doubt you are creative, check again.  Creativity is expressed in many ways.  Problem solving, caring for children or the elderly, are some unusual places where We witness very creative expression but the current definition does not include these daily life tasks as creation.  Think of creation as taking any presentation of matter, whether it be a form or situation, opening yourself to seeing the full opportunity of every participant to develop into a fuller version of themselves and giving your own Love into it.  Your Love is essential for the potential that you see to flourish. Without your input, the potential that you perceive will never be expressed.  You are that unique!  Imagine how the world would be a changed place!  Oh Dear Ones, it is within your grasp everyday!  If you are unsure, call on me, Archangel Michael to assist you in this endeavor.  I will, immediately respond with my Legion of Light to clear your path towards a fuller life in the expression of your creative soul.  All you need to do is set the intension in your heart and it will be so.

You are a powerful co-creator, a magician.  Your Divinity will surface one way or the other.  We are here to clear the way!  Call to us today!