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True Romance

True romance begins with your relationship to yourself. You have heard this before but it just does not sound like fun. It depends on where you are, in your relationship to yourself. Learn to love being alone. This is not lonely. Cultivate your own interests and joy in the things you do. Your joie de vivre will catch like wildfire and it will not ever matter who is there to share it with. Mother Gaia feels the love in your life and she appreciates the lightness in your step.

Your relationship with your physical body must be elevated to enhance the vibration of joy you are able to exude. That is why love making is so much fun. All physical activity brings the hormones into balance so that the perspective changes from chores to tasks; accidents to events; from tragedy to lessons. Change your perspective today and DANCE!


Your connection to Mother Gaia is reflected in every aspect of your being. Every part of your body, form and function, mirrors her. It is from her that you gain this form. It is in gratitude for the opportunity to create life in the physical that we offer our lives in service. We co-create a new Earth, full of love and acceptance for the flow of life and all it’s challenges.

Appreciation brings your vibration higher still. As you raise the standards for yourself, as you care for your body, you learn to create a flow and leave victimhood behind you. The Mother that created you in perfection also created this world. Start believing in the perfection of your form and from inside, the perfection will be reflected in the world around you. It begins with your relationship with you.


Power of Mother

To find the void, the deep, dark power of Mother, we must detoxify our thoughts as they have been programmed.  The current mindset has put you in fear of this great power that we are all initially aligned with.  It is as simple as taking a salt bath to revitalized your body, you purge the repetitive negativity that holds you back from your greatness.  You and She are one.  As you grow to understand your position in the grid work of the universe so will She reaps the benefits of your freedom.  All your needs are met through the faith you nurture by embracing these words.


It is no accident that you have come to these words. Visualize your freedom in the most glorious version of you you can muster.  Even your most inspired vision has its limitations. Every Mother wishes to see her children reach and exceed their potential.  So does Mother Earth. When you begin to embrace the void, the place of all creation, you will tap into the flow of the universe.  This alignment has been kept secret from you so you live in fear.  Your greatness known bounds.  Do not accept anything less than the most perfect version of you.  Your dreams whisper of this greatness, follow them. Loosen the mental restraints and learn to trust the fall into darkness.  She will no fail you.  The abundance of the universe is apparent all around you, start to accept that if it exists in the current reality it is because it was dreamt of first.  This reality is set up to grant your every wish. Play and be free.  It is only in this freedom that you will find the abundance you seek.

The void has been vanquished as a benevolent force because it is the greatest force on Mother Gaia.  The ancients knew of these things and moved through Her undulations with grace.  There was no doubt in our alignment at one time.  Humans mutate over time and adjust to their environment.  The form we hold is flexible.  Do not fight any longer, trust that the changes that are afoot. The energies that are available are for the growth of humanity.  The old ways die.  The old ways have perished in the past and humanity continued.  Humanity will always continue, but how will we define it?  Your best vision needs to be clear and unfettered.  Your dreams hold the magic of a New Earth.

Sense It

In the periphery of your mind there is illumination of your work.  It peaks out like rays of  light from the darkness.  The mundane events clutter your daily care but there is more.  You are more than you allow yourself to be.  Allow the creativity to bring the bits and pieces of the picture into focus.  Tend to the dream.

Take pleasure in the care of your body, inside and out.  Search out the sensuality of the wind in your hair and the sun on your back.  There is great joy here.  Celebrate these simple pleasures, become creative in the care of you.  Sensual awareness is the first step towards realizing the fullness available to you.  Love and care towards self  allows more love to flow effortlessly through you to others.  You inspire with your presence.  The joy is palatable.  You become very attractive.  Spontaneous unions will appear to mirror you in appreciation.

Shine On

Conscious Intention

Living life from your center is a conscious intention.  Allow the chaos of your life to form into compartments of manageable stuffs.  Bare witness to each compartment filling and diminishing, as the universe provides the appropriate response and timing for each.  The center has the strength of endless trust and patience.  Nothing of consequence will be forgotten but you can be sure that the issues of no import will peel away like layers of an onion and you will be left only with the necessary components that need your attention.

Courageous bravery stands at the center.  Be firm in your intention to stay clear of drama.  You are free to express the joy of who you are when you keep the space closest to your heart clear of debris.  The stillness affords you ample time to reflect and choose from the truth in your heart the next action. You will always be in a state of peace as the intensity of this illusion in 3D detach.  Find the sense of humor in the drama and taking yourself too seriously.  Release the tension through laghter.  Detoxify everyday either with physical care of your body or emotional release through laughter. Blessing the foods you eat will allow the right balance to enter your system.  Just being in the center will facilitate better care of yourself during this season.

Demands are high but you can pick what you put your attention to.   It is not your responsibility to be the source of happiness for others.  Take on only those tasks which bring you joy.  You are given permission to walk away if it becomes a burden.  Expect that the level of appreciation for your attention be reciprocated.

Generate Passion


The force you generate from your passion is strengthened by your connection to spirit through your body.  If your body has given you signs of deterioration, it is imperative that you begin to listen to the messages your body is trying to give you.  an illness or dis-ease is your body screaming for attention because you have spent many years ignoring the messages.

You need not struggle anymore.  If it is guidance you wish to receive to maintain your weight, ask Me, Archangel Raphael to lead you to the best foods for you for your optimal health.  You are unique.  The foods you eat that are best for you are not the same as another.  Ask for assistance and listen to your heart. We are constantly giving you messages but you turn away, usually because you have over thought the suggestion.  Free Will is your right.  We cannot intervene beyond that.  Surrender for a day and witness for yourself the simplicity of caring for yourself.  If it is more money you need to maintain a healthier diet than we will provide that for you too.  Have faith, Dear One.  Do not let the guidance for what is best for be dictated by outside influence.  Always check with your internal monitor, your heart.

You will find more joy and vitality by accepting this help.  Your conscious mind is in your way.  Find the path inward and all will be revealed.  You are all important as an expression of Source. Your vitality will raise your vibration and clear your confusion.  Live in gratitude for what is and more will come.



Humans tend to create separation between themselves by identifying with groups.  These identities have been put into the way you live so you have a harder time uniting again with Source.  Acknowledge the way you give up your individual identity to be a part of the group.  Each moment that you have given over your power to another, whether it is a huge organization or cultural group or to a person, you have less chance of finding your personal truth.

Without your personal truth, the Divine spark that is unique to you will not have opportunity for its full expression.  This takes courage and trust.  You must cultivate the belief that your voice is as important as all others.

Addictions also take away our power.  Addictions can be to substances, yes, but also to sex, gaming, shopping. Whenever you cannot overcome the desire for an activity, it has power over you.  There are many programs available to help with identifying addictions and working out a way to live in control of them.  Ask for me, Archangel Raphael, and my team of angels to help find the right program for you so you can find your power again.

We are in service with all the Love of the Universe to lift you up and dust you off when you trip.  We believe in you!

Emotions Will Always Come


You do not own the negative emotions you carry.  You perpetuate them.  You hold on to them like an identity.  It is not you.  the truth of who you are is pure Freedom in Love.  

The emotions will come, always come.  You will never be free from them but you do have the capacity to allow them through you like a vessel.  Let them pass.

When you are stuck in an emotional state, there are a few ways for you to help release them by using your body.  Exercise and fresh air are easy to accomplish.  Take a 20 minute walk in nature to revitalize your system.  Feel the nurturing quality of the nature  beings.  They happily remove all negativity and stress from your system just by their presence.  Breathe deep and release.

Using your body in this way facilitates a more intimate relationship with it.  You will become more aware of the way you feed it.  Not only with quality foods and beverages but with spirit.

You Are Perfection


You are perfection.  All that you have endured has taught you and made you who you are.  If there is pain residing in your body or your mind from lack, it is time to resolve these issues.  Find the gift in the pain.  It has made you strong and wise.  You must see these instances as lessons and refuse the dramatic response to reside in an emotional place with them.

The Angelic Realm is here and very close indeed!  You need not travel far to find our helping hands lifting your spirit so you may be free of this pain.  You are never truly damaged by your experiences here.  You return to the Light and Love of Source after each lifetime.  You take the lessons with you.  Mother Earth has given a great and unique opportunity to clear out any issues of abandonment from Source.  You are destined to create a path back to Love and Light.  You may do it in this body or wait until you depart.  The choice is yours.  You will have less and less suffering when you can embrace your connection to Source while awake and aware of your physical existence.

When your body reacts to a substance either in your environment or something you have ingested by swelling or causing other discomfort, you must clear this reaction.  My Helpers are here to help you identify these substances and help you figure out a way to avoid  and clear them from your system.  It is to clear the path to a better connection to Source that you care to do this work.  When your body suffers abuse, it cannot easily converse with the etheric realm.  There is much assistance for you, surrounding you everyday.

Call on me, Archangel Raphael, to help rid your body of this toxic response so you may live with more Light.

Sacred Witness


You are timeless.  Observe you life as the sacred witness.  There is not another person on the planet that can answer the questions during your life path as well as you can.  Become your own expert.

If you feel you would like to have the input of another professional to assess you current situation, than you can ask Us to guide you.  Remember this gathering of information is just that.  You are the only one who knows what resonates with the truth in your heart.

Find time to quiet your mind to discover the musings of your sacred witness.  Spending time in nature will always bring you into a more receptive state.  The messages, at first, may need tuning.  If they are unclear, you can ask Us to intervene and repeat the messages as often as possible until you are clear as to the next move.

YOu create stress in your body when you are unclear as to how to proceed.  We can give you messages through books and other printed media.  If there has been many people in your life that have suggested a certain topic to look into then do so.  It can only increase your knowledge base so you become the expert.  Ask for a second and third opinion but always spend time to reflect on the suggestions from a quiet space.  Create a time of solitude where you can do this.  We are here for you always.  You are never alone.