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You are Divine

You are the totality of all that has ever been, will be and can be.  There is nothing occurring at this very moment that can hurt you.

I am here for you , Dear Ones.  You are precious.  That is why you have angelic help at your command.  We are an army of Love to alleviate any suffering.  You have had a hard time staying connected to Source.  It was meant to be that way.  We must remind you of Our Presence.  We are messengers of pure Love from Source.  There is no issue that is too much for Love to swallow whole.  Your mission is to allow the Love, then allow more.  Allow the Love to flow when you feel least inclined to do it.  Love is alchemy.

Bring Love to your relationships, no matter how estranged or even if there is distance.  Love travels through all space and time. Those are illusions built by your reality anyway.    Imagine all people or situations bathed in Love.  Love clears all negativity so the truth can be unleashed.  Truth is expression of self, for in essence you are Divine.



Humans tend to create separation between themselves by identifying with groups.  These identities have been put into the way you live so you have a harder time uniting again with Source.  Acknowledge the way you give up your individual identity to be a part of the group.  Each moment that you have given over your power to another, whether it is a huge organization or cultural group or to a person, you have less chance of finding your personal truth.

Without your personal truth, the Divine spark that is unique to you will not have opportunity for its full expression.  This takes courage and trust.  You must cultivate the belief that your voice is as important as all others.

Addictions also take away our power.  Addictions can be to substances, yes, but also to sex, gaming, shopping. Whenever you cannot overcome the desire for an activity, it has power over you.  There are many programs available to help with identifying addictions and working out a way to live in control of them.  Ask for me, Archangel Raphael, and my team of angels to help find the right program for you so you can find your power again.

We are in service with all the Love of the Universe to lift you up and dust you off when you trip.  We believe in you!

Answers to Your Questions

Answers to your questions come in many forms.  The messages are repeated often throughout your life so may be able to act upon the guidance you are being given.  You must learn to quiet your mind to receive the messages more consciously but you will receive them even if you are unaware.  Intimate relationships are one of the most intense ways to receive messages.  The mirror that an intimate relationship holds up for you is intended for you to self-reflect. The saying that your children are your greatest teachers, is true.  You must be open to receive the lessons.  It is difficult to look into the mirror and see who you are with Love.  The more Love you can muster for yourself in all your expressions the more you can share this Love with others.  The Archangel Realm would like nothing more than to increase the Love quotient on the planet by assisting each and everyone of you.

There is an awakening that will happen when you allow the intimacy to reveal You to the essence of You.  Make a commitment to yourself that you will not turn away in judgment.  If you find that it is difficult for you to do this, ask Us to help.  We love you beyond any definition of earthly love.  This love is within you but you have forgotten how to tap into it.  We can help.  Before you disregard the opportunity as too hard or negate, it ask Us to step in to clarify.  We are here in service to humanity.  Find the Love that is yours from inside your own heart.  It will set you free to find a life filled with magic and wonder.

Worry Not

When you worry about your loved ones, it is equated to love and concern.  This does not equate to love in the energetic sense.  Worry is another form of fear.  By worrying you are creating the opportunity for that which you do not want to happen.  Anytime there is concern about the welfare of your loved ones, send love.  Love is it’s own protection.  Where there is love there is no room for fear, doubt and worry.


We understand that this is how you have been taught to show you care for another.  It is time to retrain your mind and follow your heart.  Your mind creates your reality with every thought.  When you are in worry mode, your mind has created a scene that does not have the outcome that you hope for.  There is no need to control the imaginary scene, just let the love flow,


We have no judgment for how it is being done.  You should not criticize yourself either.  This is another opportunity to discover the power in your love. 


Your Heart

You are Divine.  We can see and feel your Light even if you do not.  You are the influence of Source on the planet and you can change the fate of the world by allowing the Love that is in you to come through.

When and if you make this decision to open your heart to let your Divine Love to shine, you will experience miracles.  Earth is a place filled with wonder.  You create the world in your own reflection.  Ask us to reveal this expression of your heart.  We are here just for this purpose.  Every time you feel less joy or effervescence ask us to help remind you of all you hold inside.

The life changes that you crave are within your grasp.  You need only to change your perspective.  Consider us your close companions.  We are within reach at all times.  No request to increase the Love you feel for yourself or others will be denied.  It is always your choice.  Choose wisely.

Family Harmony


In order to continue on your path towards holding more Light and Love in your heart for yourself and your loved ones you must feel safe.  Your intimate relationships are most important to you and when they shift it feels precarious.  You may ask for our support during these times of intense change.  Change is guaranteed.  Instead of worrying, meditate.  Find your peace and bring as much love as you can to the situation.  It will guarantee the best outcome for all involved.

Family harmony is illusive.  As those closest to you continue on their path, your most powerful support comes from compassion for the trials at hand.  You have been chosen to be together for the lessons that living o this planet has to offer.  It does not matter what role you have assumed only that you do not judge eachother. 

Asking Us to intervene and help you bring in more LOVE will help you stand you own ground. Ask for a Pillar of Light when you are struggling.  Allow our presence to help you find peace.

Increase the Love–go to nature

We are here to increase your perception of the love that surrounds you.  Today I will remind you of your fellow earthlings, the elementals.  When you visit nature on the beach or in the woods, there are others bringing you the love you crave.  A day spent in nature always increases your vitality and inspiration for life.  It is because the elemental kingdom is dedicated to increase the love and support you perceive. It is an unwavering, eternal love.  There is no judgement or criticism for your choices.  With more love you will make different choices.



No more Excuses


WE urge you, Dear Ones, not to walk away from this message.  No matter how hard it might be to find the courage to live without this current misery, you must act.  The time is now.  The Ascension process has begun.  You must honor your convictions and stop making excuses for the short comings in your life.  These are excuses.  They do  not serve your highest good.

Your movement forward will help and heal all those involved.  It will break the pattern so the new paradigm can be created.  Think of yourself as a child.  You are the parent of this child.  you see your child is in pain.  Your response is to help remove the source of this pain from the child’s life.  Do this for you!  Call on the Legion of Light for courage and support.  We are here waiting instruction on your behalf, we will remove obstacles.

Your inner power is only limited by your imagination.  All the power of your great Mother has been woven into your body, into your energy matrix.  All the influence of the stars and the moon is within you.  Go to nature, maybe at night to enjoy the moonlight and bathe in her light.  Absorb the power from her, know that you can flow with the tides of change as easily as she does.  You must cultivate faith in  who you want to become.   We believe in you!

Power of Love


When you love yourself as we do, Dear One, you will not allow relationships that are not aligned with your highest good into your life.  A strong sense of self-respect is misinterpreted as selfish.  It is time to let go of this idea.  Many institutionalized morals mandate selflessness to keep you disempowered.  When it is time to let go of a relationship that no longer serves you, you must move on.

It is truly the kindest action to take.  You need not be belligerent, just move on.  If there is a possibility of reconciliation that is decided by the individuals participating to embrace a higher and higher vibration.  This work and dedication is not just for yourselves that is why it is not selfish.  Mother Gaia wants to take all of her children with her when she ascends, so choose movement, choose growth and walk away from stagnation.

Do this once and  realize through your experience the inherent increase of power you demonstrated for yourself.  It is learned through action and faith in yourself.  Love yourself enough to be surrounded only by Love.

your universe

Each a every one of you is a completely contained universe with all the tools you need to create any experience in your life.  Every cell in your body is under your command.  You are strong and resilient beyond the boundaries you have in place.  Expand this belief in yourself.  Be a capable leader in your universe.  Put all your personal integrity into every thought so that the cells in your body do not get confused messages.  Tell yourself the truth in your heart, the truth in your daydreams because you are your thoughts.

You love and care for so many others.  Your love is bursting for more creative expression.  Give more opportunities for you to express your love for others and life.  Appreciate the beauty of Mother Gaia and her incredible abundance.  Ask that an opportunity be available to you today that will allow a deeper expression of your love.

Know that this present moment has been your creation through your diligent leadership in your universe.  Know that it is through the same leadership that you can alter it.  You are reading these words right now because you have been guided to awaken.  Continue to converse with your inner life so that it can reflect on the outside too!Image