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You Are Worth It

Your imagination is powerful.  You are the only barrier between your dreams and the reality you seek.  Imagine and ask, in great detail, the world you wish to create.  The universe did not have you come into this physical form to suffer.  The programming you have received up until now has created the reality you are presently living in.   Your thoughts and beliefs have given you as it is.  It is difficult to hear that you are responsible for the current situation.  If you decide to turn away from this message because you are having an emotional response, you may, or you can sit quietly with the the emotion and ask for clarity to explain your dissatisfaction.  Becoming unsettled is a step forward into the truth of who you really are.

We are here, Dear Ones, playing in your dreams, taking you away from this reality to help you remember the bigger version of who you are.  The messages you wake up with may be unclear at first but as you ask for clarity, We will repeat them as often as necessary.  Sometimes We will repeat the messages in different forms of communication, trying to get you to realize you are never alone.

You truth needs to be shared and spoken.  Stand by your truth.  You need not sacrifice your happiness for your truth.  Those around you will be made responsible for their reaction.  It is not for you to help them find their way with the truth you deliver.  You will find freedom and release from old patterns that do not serve you.  You are worth it.

You Are The Offering

Make your offering to Mother Earth, let it be you.  Your dedication to your path inspires others.  Your enlightened souls uplifts and re-energizes.  There is no need for instruction.  Being in your presence is instruction enough.  Notice the layers of protection and walls of defense begin to crumble as you penetrate them with Love, compassion and acceptance.

Honoring your true feelings is courageous.  Your emotional response to a relationship tells you volumes of truth, but are you ready to see without self judgment and criticism the mirror before you?  You may be very adept at forgiving others but the most rewarding gift is this love towards yourself.  Let the anger, disappointment and embarrassment well up in you.  Smile and embrace the gorgeous opportunity to peer deeply into the response.  Ah yes, the warrior declares, “another chance to love myself even more!”

The healing is instantaneous.  The joy will flow through you replacing the other emotions with a true sense of FREEDOM.  You will be whole once again after the dismantling but so much more authentic.  The power surges through your physical and energetic body realigning yourself more fully with who you really are, Source Incarnate.

There is not one problem that arises that will be stifling. You will perceive only a bit of a stumble as you resonate closer to the core of truth and freedom that resides deep within.  It is not possible to have done so much work and veer far from center.  The reality fills with Light and the seriousness transforms into humor.  There is a giggle that dances around your soul at you are challenged and rise above.  Conquer each interaction with your truth and the guidance will be simply stated.  Your actions will be clear.  Clarity resonates with peace and your mere presence will be enough to move mountains.

The Voice of Mother

Your fears hold a wealth of information.  These are the places that will unleash your passion and freedom in your life.  You have come at this time to be courageous.  There have been lifetimes that you have not realized your true potential.  The voice of the Mother encourages you to share your yourself without reservation.  Your unique experience will resonate with many others who wish to know peace.  Your creative expression of these dark places will bring resolution to all who are ready to move through their version of the fear programming. It is a tremendous time on Mother Earth, Dear Ones!  You will have all the support you need to clear these temporary blocks with grace.  Ask for help and guidance and you will receive on many different modalities.  Some crave the word, others, music and art.  Take the time in your daily routine for yourself.  Your loved ones will be the benefactors!  To create peace and family harmony, at least one member needs to be dedicated to their connection to themselves and through that to Source.

Have positive expectations about your interactions today.  The Light and Love you shine will be felt everywhere you go.



Conscious Intention

Living life from your center is a conscious intention.  Allow the chaos of your life to form into compartments of manageable stuffs.  Bare witness to each compartment filling and diminishing, as the universe provides the appropriate response and timing for each.  The center has the strength of endless trust and patience.  Nothing of consequence will be forgotten but you can be sure that the issues of no import will peel away like layers of an onion and you will be left only with the necessary components that need your attention.

Courageous bravery stands at the center.  Be firm in your intention to stay clear of drama.  You are free to express the joy of who you are when you keep the space closest to your heart clear of debris.  The stillness affords you ample time to reflect and choose from the truth in your heart the next action. You will always be in a state of peace as the intensity of this illusion in 3D detach.  Find the sense of humor in the drama and taking yourself too seriously.  Release the tension through laghter.  Detoxify everyday either with physical care of your body or emotional release through laughter. Blessing the foods you eat will allow the right balance to enter your system.  Just being in the center will facilitate better care of yourself during this season.

Demands are high but you can pick what you put your attention to.   It is not your responsibility to be the source of happiness for others.  Take on only those tasks which bring you joy.  You are given permission to walk away if it becomes a burden.  Expect that the level of appreciation for your attention be reciprocated.

Gaining Ground

You make choices everyday.  Seemingly simple choices like what to eat can be turned into a balancing act in your mind.  Do not get trapped.  Ask your heart to lead the way and the mind will quiet.  Some choices weigh on you more than others.  After they have been administered, you have doubt.  Not necessarily doubt about the choice itself but doubt about how it unfolded.  Trust that once you are connected to your heart, the outcome of following it will only bring you more courage and strength in future adventures.

Vibrationally though, when you waiver from that strong heart space, you send conflicting messages to the universe for what is to happen next.  You are creating every moment.  Allow the doubt to pass, bring it to the Light for purification and move on.  You have gained much ground, Young One.  Be proud of yourself.  It is your faith in who you are and your mission that has created this opportunity.  Your voice is clear and your heart resonates loudly with all you do.  You are a blessed child of the Creator and of Mother Gaia.  They need your voice during these times of change and intense growth.

Sacrifice Truth

The transformation takes you inward.  You question weather or not it is worth it to express more wholly and completely who you are without the approval or acceptance of those around you.  This is something you must answer yourself.  The vibrational change will bring you other relationships that will grow with you if those around you are unwilling to delve within to the truth of who they are.  The courage it takes to stay on your path and not to vier off to please others is a difficult choice and We do not prescribe to know the cost of these choices.  We can only remains you that the choice is yours.  You have been incarnated to have whatever experience it might be that you create with your energetic vibration.

Your happiness resides within.  Pleasing others will not make you a satisfied and full person.  The opposite will occur.  The sacrifice of your own truth, your own happiness, causes discourse.  There is nothing another person can give you that will replace the self-reliance you create by listening to your heart.

We urge you to stay strong.  Do not sacrifice your truth for anyone, ever.

Mary and the Divine Feminine

I, Mary, implore you to find time today and today and today to become quiet.  There is a strong, quiet voice inside you.  Listening to this voice takes dedication to finding the time in your busy life to be still.  The water flows deep within you.  This voice is the Divine Feminine.   It is the creative force of the universe.  Once you connect your personal heart to the flow of the universal energy of the Divine Feminine you will find a never ending source of motivation for all your projects and passions.

This voice will give you resolution for the common everyday problems your are confronted with.  Whether or not to be active or to hold still and let the situation unfold, is also found here.  With complete faith in the messages you receive, as an innocent child, you will move through the obstacles with grace and be empowered while you do!  You are free to choose love over all else.   Love the challenge.   Smile at your adversary.  It will change the outcome.  When you stand in the power of the Divine Feminine you need not push, just be.

The Divine Feminine is the nurturer.  It is the fertile ground that holds all the potential for yourself and your family.  Plant your seed deep within her and nurture it with love.  You are protective over your children and those you care for.  Your supply for more of this love can be filled here.  You will never run dry.  Refill your cup daily.  Find the sweetness of  mother’s love within your own heart.  It is time to redefine mother energy on the planet.  She is powerful like a tidal wave or a herd of horses.  Mother’s love is rich.  The time is now.  Bring the energy of the Divine Feminine into all your tasks.  Your food will taste better and be more healthful.  The care of your daily life will become effortless with more love. 

doubt kills intuition

Doubt kills intuition.  Intuition stems from  a strong body-mind connection.  It is a knowing that is crystal clear.  It is a form of feminine knowledge.  The human body contains both masculine and feminine aspects.  To remain in balance, the body-mind connection must be diligently maintained.  There are many of you who believe in one extreme or another.  This is an imbalance.  To ignore your physical body because you have spend many hours developing your spiritual connection or the opposite, developing your body and expect a healthy balance.  Any extreme will not bring you the peace that is eluding you.

Trust the instinctual response of your body with your relationships as well.  If your stomach becomes ill just before meeting someone, you must look closely into this.  It is not a mistake or accident.  Even if you ate something that is causing the ill feeling, there is a reason you ate it in the first place.  Take a moment to really understand these words.  We are here for you.  We can help you move through these awakenings to your personal truth.  Call on the Angelic Realm, especially when you are feel these instances arise.  We can clear the messages so you can move through them with grace.

You are the Gift

Your very presence has the potential to inspire and enlighten all who cross your path.  This is your gift.

 In gratitude for all you have been given by Mother Earth, your body; the foods you need for health; the opportunity to grow in the lessons afforded to you here; giveaway your ability to be a blessing to all who come in contact with you.

There has been a lot of  attention to the idea of Twin Souls.  The obsession is not worthy of your time and attention for all beings are souls needing the interaction with you and you them. Each relationship is a blessing and a gift.  The more intimate the relationship, the more it can teach you, if you allow.

Some of your relationships have been less than savory.  The only way through to this lesson is with acceptance.  The Archangel Realm is here for you.  We can help you find the workshops, books, mentors who can aid you so you can reclaim your strength.

Retreat and detach.  Let go so that the energy of Love can come back to fullness in your heart.  Call on me, Archangel Raphael and my army to assist you.  Breathe deep in Our Presence and let Us take care of it all.  We will recharge your body and guide you to self-care that is essential during this transformation.

You are Loved That Much


You have at your disposal all the knowledge in the Universe.  There is an energetic band that will supply you with all that you need to move forward to the next inspiration.  As you move through this lifetime, your experiences help you gather information.  This information is processed by your conscious mind but more importantly you are preparing for the next beginning on an energetic level.  This is not a conscious undertaking.  To reach the deeper part of your knowing, you must be still.  

We have talked to you of your body and how important it is to help you process the experiences you have attracted.  It is the way towards your ascension.  You become more aware how the energy of your interactions affects your form.  Become aware of how it affects the creation process.

Move through with Faith that you are never alone.  Call on Us, the Angelic Realm, to stand by you.  We have only Love for you and compassion for your struggles.  Find your way to peaceful transitions, using your body to help you process transitions faster and with more grace.

Nurturing physical contact with others is crucial to your happiness and equilibrium.  We will be able to help you find this closeness if you allow us to guide you.  We will never demand or order.  You will know it is Divine when it fills you with joy.  In the first moments of the message you will be pleased.  Many of you tend to negate the possibility of such a gift within seconds of the original thought.  Allow the joy to linger and open to the possibility that you are Loved that much!