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Grow in the vibration

When you love yourself as we do, Dear One, you will not allow relationships that are not aligned with your highest good into your life.

Original art by Adene Gold

Original art by Adene Gold



As in nature, the plants and animals take what is offered and grow as a reflection of it, trusting wholly and completely the vibrational law. There is nothing currently in your life that is not an opportunity for growth.








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Original Art by Adene Gold

Original Art by Adene Gold

I am all powerful in my life. I am free to change any situation to bring themes joy.










Release fear of change and laugh at the attempt to control you by these means. You are Divine Being! There is nothing you cannot alter through your joy.


This is a preview of the Divine Michael Deck. The ebook is available for free.


Start the daily investigation of your connection and ability to receive the messages the angels have for you TODAY.

Begin at the beginning



The Allowance for the best possible outcome relies in your ability to release expectation of how it unfolds. 


Revel in the joy that this creation brings you and the let the vibration of your joy bring the fruition to the present interaction. The release will resolve all with wisdom and grace for the best possible outcome.


This is a preview of the Divine Michael Deck. The ebook is available for free. Book a reading with your new deck to introduce the deck to your energy.


Start the daily investigation of your connection and ability to receive the messages the angels have for you TODAY. Be one of the first to get a reading with the new deck!

Divine Michael presence


Original work by Adene Gold






Family harmony is illusive.  As those closest to you continue on their path, your most powerful support comes from compassion for the trials at hand. 

You have been chosen to be together for the lessons that living on this planet has to offer. Do not judge each other. Judgement creates boundaries that limit not only yourself but the potential of the lives of the ones you care for.

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Peace Throughout Your Day

My Legion of Light is at your command.  With the Light and Love from Source we are under your direction to open a pathway for peace everywhere you go.  There is not one situation that is not worthy of our presence.  We are here to assist in spreading peace throughout the planet.  We hold the highest regard for all human life.  There is no judgment for any person or their decision to stand in the Light or to refuse it.  This gift of peace is in your hands.  You may change the world today by expecting peace to prevail.

We know you have the greatest expectations in your heart for all who are touched by this Light.  You may not see the benefit immediately, but know that the highest good is being offered.  You may also call on this Light on your own behalf.  Speak up for yourself.  We will give you the courage you need to move through the challenges of your day with grace and ease.  The Light you offer to others is for you to basque in as well.

Peace is everywhere you are.  Demand that you are able to hold on to this no matter what your challenge is.  Ask for the Sword of Light to cut away the drama and any attachment that might be clouding your connection to Source.  You can remain grounded through it all.

Even in the city, where the challenges are great you may have peace throughout your day.  Be reminded of the magical power of nature and the presence of the angels by appreciating the clouds.  The clouds are a gift from the natural world to offer you peace in times of struggle and they can be seen from many vantage points.  When the natural world is physically far you may bring it close by remembering with your heart and feeling their presence.


Ride the Wave

You have asked for Divine guidance, now you must learn to listen.  If you do all the talking, we cannot get a word in!  Take time to quiet your mind.  If you have difficulty doing this, it is only because you are out of practice.  You have been relying on your conscious mind most of your life, so it is understandable that getting that to be submissive will take some discipline.  You are hard wired to connect to the Divine guidance surrounding you now.  There is no one person more qualified to get your guidance than you.  You are in the habit of negating the messages through too much thought.  Follow and trust your heart without fear of outcome.  You are on the right path.

Messages of eternal Love await you, my Friends.   The embrace of unconditional Love is here, just breathe. Tin this breath there is freedom from worry or fear.  Let the Love fill your heart to replace the tension created by your mind.  Your awareness that it is there is all that is needed.  Allow a smile to  bless you face and share the Love with all you meet.  You are a blessing.

You heart trusts that this Love is real, now you must convenience your mind.  The more you practice, your mind will be convinced as the experience of your life unfolds and changes to match your faith.  You are a cosmic being.  This incarnation is one of many.  You have the opportunity to attain enlightenment as the energy shifts.   Use the collective boost from all those involved to help you along.

Ride the wave.


You Are the Magic Mother Gaia Needs

You may push your physical body, Dear Ones, beyond what you can imagine.  It is built to grow with your experiences.  This goes for physical activity but also energetically.  You have only just begun to bring in the Light for yourselves but also for Mother Gaia.  She needs your devotion and dedication with this practice.   She relies on each and everyone of you to channel Divine Energy full of Love from Source to help align all beings in this 3D reality to resonate fully with the newer ascension energies.  There are no new energies only new ones available for this reality.  You create the possibility of heaven on Earth by this work.   Play with the boundaries you have made for your physical body and expand them.


We are here for you to help you with this endeavor.  You are a very creative being.  The creative force in you is an expression of the divine life force that defines you.  There are infinitely wondrous ways that you can devise to help your Mother.  There are colors that have not been defined yet in your reality that are for you to discover.  Everything about your perceived reality can be altered if you are ready to receive.


The Masters are waiting to help you with redefine your existence.  When you immerse yourself in Love, you can trust that the beings that come to you for assistance are trustworthy.  Once you doubt, it let’s in the fear.  This fear is your egoic mind grasping for a hold on a fear mentality and limiting you.  This fear is only in the mind.  Let it go.  Be honest with yourself during this inquiry.  When you are free to experience the Divine Love that is in your heart, you have no room for fear.  You are as free as you wish to be.


These energetic awakenings can be tiring for your physical body.  Be aware of the rest that you need to prepare your body for more Light.  Ask me, Archangel Michael and my Legion of Light for a Pillar of Divine Love to encircle you during these transitions.   You are more self-reliant than you realize.  You do not need another human guide to help you to create this reality, just your faith in yourself.



Command Us to Serve you


Although this may seem repetitive, as some have heard this message before, it is worthy of further declaration, as you move through the challenges of your life as an individual, you care for many others.  Sometimes this commitment can over shadow your ability to secure time for yourself and your personal dreams.  These people, family or friends, have contracted to be here as you have.  It is in the best interest of all to send loving energy instead of worry and fear.  One of the most efficient ways to do this is to send me to their side.  I have an army of angels available to bring to all who call.  Ask for as many as you’d like, 100, 1000, 10,000?  We can fill any home, business or vehicle with our presence.  Command Us so we may come to you and help care for your loved ones.


Your “home” space is sacred.  Where ever you go you can declare it a sacred space, you bring it with your heart.  Tranquility and peace in the home supports you in creating your dreams and making them reality.  Some basic needs must be met in order for development of the service commitment you have come to fill.  Ask for our assistance to get things in order for you so that your service commitment can flourish.  You are here with a team of others who also have this commitment.  We are facilitating these unions as your ability to commitment on a new level arises.  Enjoy the synchronicity and marvel at its unfolding.


Display your joy created by the freedom in your heart out for all to witness.  We are here as an extension of Source.  All you need to foster is your faith in the force of love in your life and bask in it.


Energetic Community


Dear One, when your heart craves community then make one.  With a generosity and caring the community forms.  Nothing is ever lost.  All the energy you choose to invest in relationships or other endeavors will come back to you into your life.  The energy always flows equally.  The gift of the energy cannot be controlled though.  Let’s say you invest your time into a relationship with the intention to create cash flow.  The fixation on outcome can become an obsession and taint the energy of the relationship.  Always give from a pure heart.  When you feel that you are drifting and the initial integrity is waning, call on me to purge your heart with my sword of Light.  I will come to bring you back to Love.



Human existence is wrought with concern over possessions and the maintenance of these possessions.  Many decisions are made to protect these things out of fear of loss.  You have spent at lot of time worrying about your home or its inhabitants.  This worry leaves no room for Love and Light to enter into your daily consciousness.  Give your concerns to me, Archangel Michael and my Legion of Light.  Ask us to protect your home, and its inhabitants.  Ask that angels be placed at the windows and the doors.  You may even ask that we intervene in your finances so you can easily afford to pay for your residence.  Once you begin to allow our Love into your life you may find you are no longer afraid.  You may find you no longer need to plan ahead for some possible tragedy.  You are a child of God, we would never leave your side but we cannot intervene without your consent.  Dear One, you are worthy of this care and limitless Love.  Begin to request our presence more regularly.


Bringing us into service on your behalf increases your vibration because you no longer have a daily consumption of fear and worry.  The Love begins to flow and freedom from the bondage of your mind begins to blossom.  The peacefulness you bring to the world is worth more than you know.  You will be approached with relationships because of your new vibration.  You must remember to remain open hearted and keep your faith.  This is a daily practice.  Much discipline is needed to remember your joy and freedom.  Choose it consciously every moment of the day.  As you attract new opportunities, accept them with gratitude in your heart and have faith that there are no coincidences.

I leave you with much to ponder but do not add this to your list of worries.  Close your eyes, with deep breathes imagine two angels standing in front of you and they have a basket between them for you to place your worries and concerns.  Put them in.  The angels can carry a very heavy load.  Do not hold back.  Finances, relationships, career, family, business, whatever.  All is under Divine Guidance and Divine Will.  That you have found this to read to day is not a coincidence either.  With your next breathes, watch the angels lift the basket, effortlessly, into the Light of the Central Sun.  It will be purified and you can rest assured that your needs are being met.  Feel our presence with you, guiding you, protecting you.  archangel_michael_by_edcamp65rhh and it will be so.