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Find the Flow


When you open to every experience you open to the flow of Love that drives the universe.   There is nothing to manage or plan.  Every experience has been placed into your life at exactly the right time to get you to where you are right now.  This perception may not feel very comforting if you are not in a place you like.  Release the judgment and watch the experience unfold as it teaches you about you.  The emotional responses will give you clues to how to respond so you may stay within the embrace of Love.  Do not become overwhelmed with the emotion.  Be sure to respect the response but do not perpetuate it by replaying the instance in your mind.  This requires Trust and Faith that all will be revealed to you at the right time.  There is much freedom from stress by allowing the stream of Love to flow all around you.  This is a tremendous commitment to peace and harmony.

When you strive to rise above your problems and allow the stress they create to move passed like running water, we can help without resistance.When you attach yourself to the fear then we cannot break that attachment.  You must make that decision for yourself.

Just Love

You deserve a break.  You have worked so diligently towards clearing your mind of negativity and maintaining your peace.  Imagine an experience that will bring you even more peace.  This is not a vacation for entertainment but to give you more time in your daily experience to enjoy the peace you have cultivated.  It is a gift to yourself.  

Time enjoying nature is always an easy way you can expand the peace you feel in your heart.  The trees are here to elevate your self-love.  They will mirror you wherever you are and open you up to receive more.There is so much more to receive.  Imagine that you are never done opening to more Love.

This simple idea is your life purpose.  Each one on the planet is working towards the same goal, to feel more love for self and for others.  Once you tap into the ease of this you will be able to receive the care and abundance of the universe.  Just Love.  The Love will align you with your Divine Inspiration.  This will bring you closer to your joy which will bring more Love.


Your Work is Important

There are those around you who need you to find your innate powers as a healer.  It is a talent that you can become more aware of by asking your angels for guidance.  We will help you receive the healing energy to improve your own health a vitality.  Besides the health and vitality of others whom you request it for.  You are all capable of healing each other.

The quality of the energy you maintain for yourself affects all you do.  Find quiet time to meditate or just call on Us to bring the violet flame to you.  All you need do is use your imagination and use your senses to feel the violet energy wrap around your physical body.  Give away all that does not serve you to this LIght.  This Light is a great purifier.  Ask that We stay with you and your Loved Ones day and night.  Or ask Us to intervene in a particular situation.  Once you call onto the Violet Flame, leave it in place as a shield.

Your daily practice brings you new spiritual experiences that change the way you see the world and yourself.  Allow your practice to expand with study, meditation and prayer.  We are already helping you find intimate relationships in the work that you do to expand this new vision of Love in the world.  When many unite under the same intention, that intention becomes reality sooner than if you were to work alone.

Create the Abundance You Crave

The energy and faith you hold in your heart generate your thoughts.  You can clear any doubt that you have the support you need to create the abundance in your life your crave.  Give over your heart wish to be in a career that speaks to your life purpose to the angels. With that peace and acceptance that you are being heard you must have patience and faith that is here now.  

Like any parent, Source looks upon each of you with the belief that you deserve the best possible outcome in your life.  If you did not have parents that supported you emotionally, know that in the core of their existence they have only Love and encouragement for you.  Look beyond all the obstacles that have come in this lifetime.  Put them behind you.  Give them to your angels.  

Close your eyes and become aware of your breath.  Imagine two angels with a big basket in front of you and place these obstacles and worries in the basket.  Take your time. Once your have placed all in the basket.  The angels will purify the contents of the basket through Love.  Watch them fly away with it and disperse ALL in the Light.  Feel the peace you have created for yourself.

Through the eyes of your inner child, you can conjure new ideas for the rebirth of your life.  Through the innocence and faith of a Young One that has not been tainted by disappointment you can find the creativity for new ideas.  Take the ride in your imagination and form a grand vision to aspire to.

Ask that I, Archangel Michael, lend you courage and fortitude.  There is no separation between you, your thoughts, dreams and aspirations and the Divine.  Once your realize this with confidence, take that energy and charge forward.  Do Not take No for an answer.  Expect miracles to appear.

Create your own reality using your dreamtime.  During

Create your own reality using your dreamtime.  During your sleep your conscious mind is resting and the ability for you to set of “rockets” and receive messages is easier than when you are awake.  Many of you struggle with clearing your mind for meditation, but this relaxed state is where your conscious mind needs to be to create with more efficiency. 

Right before you sleep, ask me, Archangel Michael to help guide your intentions to source.  I have at my disposal a Legion of Light in service to humanity.  Like shooting an arrow, you must concentrate all of your beingness into the intention of hitting your target.  If you have ever done any sport or other physical activity that demands precision, you know you must bring all your awareness into that one task.  Some of you are exceedingly good at this but do not apply it to all aspects of your life.  We can help you develop this skill to aid you in your goals for this lifetime.  We want to help you unlock yourself so you may live in truth to your purpose.  You all have a purpose.


We wish to keep you focused and inspired to live in Freedom, Love and Light.

Image Angel Blessings

Create From Your Unique Version of Source

archangel_michael_by_edcamp65rhhToday, Dear Ones, I wish to inspire you to search and develop your creativity.  It is when you have found that spark within yourself, you are deeply connected to your individual connection and expression of Source Energy.  Unfortunately, it has been the prevailing teaching from other religious factions that there is only one way to reach Source, through prayer or meditation.  But that is as far from the truth, the way to your connection to Source is as unique as you are.  Physical activity of almost any kind will release stress and toxins form your body.  This is preferred due to the difficulty to connect when the body is tense and full of fear.  The practice of maintaining your physical form, as well as clearing the food your eat, is very important to this endeavor.  Just ask the Love and Light from Source to clear your food of any substances that are potentially damaging to your body and ask to elevate the vitality of the food so it will be utilized in the most efficient way.

Your creativity is only your own.  Not one of you will write the same story the same way, nor paint the same picture the same way.  You might even try doing the same artistic expression multiple times an discover how differently you express yourself on any given day.  As the vibrational frequency on the planet shifts, you are all adjusting everyday.  You are different everyday.  Be aware of the state of you, emotionally, physically, mentally.  Without judgement, just observe.  You can understand this better if you remember an incident during your childhood.  Remember your emotional, mental and physical state.  As an adult, you view the incident with a completely different understanding and can appreciate your initial response but you would not react the same way today.  Although there are years in between this reflection, you capable of being this aware within weeks, days, even hours.

Finding your creative force is key to a happy and fulfilled life.  If you doubt you are creative, check again.  Creativity is expressed in many ways.  Problem solving, caring for children or the elderly, are some unusual places where We witness very creative expression but the current definition does not include these daily life tasks as creation.  Think of creation as taking any presentation of matter, whether it be a form or situation, opening yourself to seeing the full opportunity of every participant to develop into a fuller version of themselves and giving your own Love into it.  Your Love is essential for the potential that you see to flourish. Without your input, the potential that you perceive will never be expressed.  You are that unique!  Imagine how the world would be a changed place!  Oh Dear Ones, it is within your grasp everyday!  If you are unsure, call on me, Archangel Michael to assist you in this endeavor.  I will, immediately respond with my Legion of Light to clear your path towards a fuller life in the expression of your creative soul.  All you need to do is set the intension in your heart and it will be so.

You are a powerful co-creator, a magician.  Your Divinity will surface one way or the other.  We are here to clear the way!  Call to us today!

This situation is already solved



Keeping the discipline of positive thoughts is key to creating the outcome you want.  Find the creative solution to the imaginary stress you feel.  YOu create and perpetuate the thoughts that reverberate around and around in your head.  why not choose the ones that make you most happy.  Imagine the best possible outcome in the easiest possible way.   Find joy in creating in your mind the perfect solution.  it is only then that We may help bring those people into your life.  They are waiting for you as well.  Remain clear in purpose and intention.  It is time to leave the past behind and start fresh with the guidance of the angels.  It is unhealthy to resonate on a daily basis with fear and worry.  Allow the consciousness of our presence permeate your field and bring peace.  You will feel vitality and boundless energy for the tasks at hand.  Less energy wasted on tasks that were created through fear.  When you worry, you tend to manage the situation by trying desperately to create the reality you want but you do not have the perspective we have.  Call on Archangel Chamuel.  He sees through all time and space to the relationships that are within your grasp.  Ask him to guide your quest towards making these connections, so there will be less energy and effort put out for the same goal.

Can you imagine that is situation is already solved?  If you are concentrating on you current life and it’s demands, it is difficult to spend time creating and managing a new life.  We urge you to give it to Us.  We will manage it for you with the best possible outcome so that you may give yourself unencumbered to the commitments you are currently obligated to.  Give as much detail as you like, but give it to Us.  My Legion of Light is ready to assist you in every matter.  


Most of the prayers are for financial comfort, physical health or a romantic partner.  Imagine the most satisfying position and the salary you would be most happy with.  Leave the application to us.  Feel it coming with joyous anticipation.  The same is true of a romantic partner, enjoy the waiting and creating period so much so that when you meet you will miss the waiting.  Oh HO!  That is the grandest feeling.  For perfect health, it is best not to focus on the imbalance to release it.  Whenever the dis-ease becomes demanding, ask for the Violet Flame to purge you of it.  Use your imagination to the fullest.


Keep your peace in your heart and only the best will come to you.  Limit the exposure to fear based media.  You must surround yourself with the most Love possible.  Surround yourself with people who will uplift and support you with encouragement.  During this time you must maintain your vibrational integrity.  Do not invite the fear in.  When you are stronger you may reemerge and be able to withstand the onslaught of negativity without being affected energetically.  First you must insulate your daily experience and create more chances for Love and Light.  We are so excited that you have found these words and we hope it brings you more peace.


Keep it Positive


Love and Light are available in every situation. Call on Divine wisdom to guide your mind and emotions now.  You will be continuously connected with the presence of Angels and Divine grace with all that you do.  Keeping your thoughts positive, in the place of playful expectation of joyous exploration of your life, you will manifest more simply the direction your life takes without effort.  Appreciate of the opportunities that life affords you to refine your expression of your truth.   Challenging experiences that illicit an emotional response are moments to call on  my Pillar of Light to surround you.  Immediately you will have a buffer zone where you will be able to decipher the best response.  Breathing deeply, count to 10 before you reply.  It will give you the peace of mind to respond more truthfully with your heart.

In this place of Divine Light and constant maintenance of your good thoughts,  we will be able to coordinate the personal connections in your life for enduring relationship that you crave.  Feel the Light surround you as you walk throughout your day and revel in the thought that you will be giving the Light to all those who seek it, even if it is only subconsciously.

Ask for direct intervention on a particular situation.  As you would mail a letter to someone, you do not check to see if it is on its way.  You do not follow the letter through the postal system.  You just trust that it will be received.  You cannot control the answer of the prayer.  You must hold in your heart the trust that the response will be in the best interests of all involved.  The way of the Divine knows beyond your perspective.  It takes into consideration all aspects of the individuals involved.  You need not do anything.  Actually it is best if you let it go altogether.  If you worry about your request, you put thoughts in the clear path to manifesting the best outcome and you will delay response.  Once your request is sent, wait with open arms and expect a miracle.

I requested to Archangel Michael that he take care of my finances as I needed to concentrate on the well being of my children.  I refused any thoughts of worry and refused to micromanage the outcome.  This morning I met a woman in front of my house who is involved in a group of like minded women who would be happy for me to come to the group.  I feel positive that was one instance, of AA Michael’s influence over my life.  Did I know the woman before? Not at all.  I was gardening, following my hearts desire, enjoying my plants and she approached me.  These are small miracles that begin to unfold when you give your worries away.

You are Safe, Protected by an Army of Angels and Elementals




Everyone wants to remember the protection and security they felt when they were a small child.  Even if the circumstances were not ideal (what is ideal anyway), we were too young to judge it and accepted it with an open heart.  With me, Archangel Michael and my Legion of Light, you can again surrender your fear.  I assure you you are safe and free to live in joy and peace.  The stressful thoughts you continue to generate with your words are not real.  If you take a moment to breathe and look around you, you would realize you are safe.  Make it a practice to notice that your needs are being met everyday and the thought will grow into the predominant one and more security will come to you.  Ask me to help if you are a victim of your own sabotage.  I will surround you with a Pillar of Light, as you request it, and you will remember you are safe.  You are Divine.  You have an army of angels ready to fight back the slavery of fear.


On the same mission of relieving fear, as that is my main mission, to increase your faith and trust you can request that I visit you during your dreamtime.  Ask that I replace fear with trust.  Ask to be filled with strength, courage, and confidence.  There is no way that the presence of Love can be in the heart of a fearful person.  One who worries incessantly has no room for Love.  Worry and fear only add to the decrease in vibrational energy available to have Divine interference.  I cannot change your dedication to living in fear.  I can only offer my hand.  Please take it, Dear Ones.  We will create peace on this beautiful planet one person at a time.


There is no difference in the chemical and elemental aspects of your physical body and that of the beings in nature.  As the life in the cities has been robbed of this connection, you must make an effort to search it out.  There is a gift of experiencing the beings of the elemental world.  They, like the angels, want to see each human return to their full power and peace in their hearts.  Become open to their healing presence as you enter into their world you will immediately breath deeper.  Your breath is key to a relaxed state of mind.  A constricted breathing pattern activates the transition from your aqueous womb before you were born and emerging, to bring air into your lungs for the first time.  Depending on the consciousness of those around you during that transition, you may have had endured trauma that your body remembers.  Breathe deep and full to relax your body and mind, reminding through the breath that you have what you need.  You are being taken care of.  Allow the help.

Practical Angels?


Your imagination is key to all the magical occurrences you allow in your life.  Imagine a world  that is bringing you the opportunities you seek in coincidental synergy.  There is such poetry to the way the energy in your heart will manifest.  Focus your thoughts today to imagine great movement forward on your path.  Most importantly enjoy the creation of it without attachment.  The more time you invest in loving the creative process the more energy your systems hold for that creation.  It is easier for Us to help when you are clear and full of joyful anticipation.


On deciding to work with me, AA Michael and my Legion of Light on a daily basis you have chosen the right path.  You have asked for an increase in your Light Quotient and manifestation of more Love in your life.  You crave community.  It is all around you see it today and be the Light Warrior you are.  See it in all your interactions today and be in awe of what unfolds.  It is the creative force of the universe you hold in your heart.  You are boundless, Dear One.  Revel in your genius fro invoking my presence on  a daily basis.  There is a palatable energy in your field that will attract the same energy.  Those who are seeking a way out of this illusion of misery and suffering will come to you to find out more.  Be honest and daring in revealing your truth.  Holding back does not serve you or the other.  Leave the embarrassment behind.  You are a key that will open the lock but only if you are residing in your truth.  Shine bright.


We have brought this to your attention again, Dear One, because you have doubts about our ability to be practical, that we do not understand the needs on the physical plane.  You must surrender this fear.  It is blocking our ability to help you fully.  Your response was with a shadow of doubt because you do not see the help you expected with your prayers, but the help cannot be manipulated.  The help is here, it just looks different.  Open you eyes to see clearly our presence in your life.  We ask that you notice the peace, honor and respect in your household.  The transitions your children are going through has been watched over by us.  They are guided daily and protected.  Appreciate the beauty of your surroundings and its perfection for the needs of your family, including the cost of living there.  I am laughing at your belief that we do not understand about finances.  All is created by Source.  There is nothing in existence that does not have the vibration of love in it.  Believe it and you will begin to see anew,  The vibration of money is love.  You have copious amounts of love in your heart but you block the vibration of money because of its negative aspects in history.  Open your mind and imagine it differently and it will be.

So may it be.  Let the blessings fall.