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Rebuild your strength

Rebuild your strength.  The passed few weeks have been very difficult for most.  The way to a strong life is mirrored in how well you learn your lessons.  When you attend to the challenges by going deeper into the emotional response, digging until you find the void.  There is peace at the bottom.  One emotional response might lead to another and another.  Keep going until you have exhausted all of it.  You soon realize there is nothing you experience that will not bring you to the stillness.

The inevitability that your emotional response will signal you to go to the bottom of the well, to the stillness, more and more quickly.  It is this void that is the power of Divine Feminine.  It is the beginning of creation.  From this void everything is possible and and all passed experiences fall away.  The burdens will melt away, leaving the truth of who you really are…LOVE.

Ignite Your Courage

There is no separation from power.  You are that which you wish to create.  When you perceive yourself as separate from that power it will defeat you.  There is an intense flow that encompasses All.  It is the hurricane, the stampeding horses, the tidal wave.  You are not separate from this.  You have the capacity to unite with this flow to accomplish your mission.  It is here, within your grasp.  It is unknowable and unfathomable and yet it is you.  It is the darkness of the womb.  This is the power of the feminine.

Feminine power is also compassionate and gentle, yielding.  Discover the depth of who you are by allowing the darkness to envelop you.  Remove the fear of the unknown so you may uncover the Nirvana at your fingertips.  Delving deep within will bring you to serenity.  Understand that this IS the mission.  Feeling safe and secure despite the fear that is being spoon fed to you by the operating systems.  These fears are not the truth but keep you from it.  You are a prisoner with the key to escape just ignite your courage.

Sacrifice Truth

The transformation takes you inward.  You question weather or not it is worth it to express more wholly and completely who you are without the approval or acceptance of those around you.  This is something you must answer yourself.  The vibrational change will bring you other relationships that will grow with you if those around you are unwilling to delve within to the truth of who they are.  The courage it takes to stay on your path and not to vier off to please others is a difficult choice and We do not prescribe to know the cost of these choices.  We can only remains you that the choice is yours.  You have been incarnated to have whatever experience it might be that you create with your energetic vibration.

Your happiness resides within.  Pleasing others will not make you a satisfied and full person.  The opposite will occur.  The sacrifice of your own truth, your own happiness, causes discourse.  There is nothing another person can give you that will replace the self-reliance you create by listening to your heart.

We urge you to stay strong.  Do not sacrifice your truth for anyone, ever.

Balance in Harmony

Balance and harmony require diligence.  The aspects of your existence: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are expressed daily, not one of them more than another.  Many of you are comfortable in one aspect more the others.  This aspect helps you solve most of your challenges.  This is not the one that needs attention but sedation.  Bring forward another aspect and practice using a new modality to make available all the parts of your being.  There are strengths and weaknesses applying each modality to different experiences but this takes practice and patience.  Be kind to yourself while you awaken the depth of you.

The mental aspect is easy to be trapped in.  You can think yourself into stagnation, never actually moving forward in your life just thinking about it.  There is an instinctual side to the emotional aspect of your soul.  It can help you remove this stagnation and inspire you with a faith you did not know you had to overcome obstacles.  There is a flow to the emotional side of life.  It brings grace to your decisions, leading you without hesitation to the next exploration.  Ah but can you see the ebb and flow of daily life?  When you stop to compare and combine all four of these realms to create the whole version of you, you will be free.

Most of what holds you back is your own thoughts.  You have been taught erroneously.  You are much more powerful than the systems created  by the Dark Family would have you know.

Maintain your innocence as you gather your knowledge.  Your innocence will keep you humble in the face of your ego.  The mind can magnify feelings of inadequacy making you fantasize in extreme ways.  When you are in an extreme mindset realize it is time for reflection from a deeper place.  One day  you will gather wisdom and know the reason for much of your wandering.  This will bring you joy and comfort that you have always been cared for.  We will not abandon you.  We cannot.  You are our brothers and sisters in Love.

Express yourself daily through your body and its graceful movements.  Enjoy the gracefulness of others.  You are all so beautiful in your physical form.   You will glow with this more and more.  The natural world around you mirrors the diversity and complexity of your beauty.  Take time to merge with the natural world so you may identify the oneness found there.  Honor the reflections by taking nature into your home. Find a stone or piece of wood from the forest to remind you of this connection.  Bring it home with you.  the more you interact with this item them more loving memories it will store for you.

Mary and the Divine Feminine

I, Mary, implore you to find time today and today and today to become quiet.  There is a strong, quiet voice inside you.  Listening to this voice takes dedication to finding the time in your busy life to be still.  The water flows deep within you.  This voice is the Divine Feminine.   It is the creative force of the universe.  Once you connect your personal heart to the flow of the universal energy of the Divine Feminine you will find a never ending source of motivation for all your projects and passions.

This voice will give you resolution for the common everyday problems your are confronted with.  Whether or not to be active or to hold still and let the situation unfold, is also found here.  With complete faith in the messages you receive, as an innocent child, you will move through the obstacles with grace and be empowered while you do!  You are free to choose love over all else.   Love the challenge.   Smile at your adversary.  It will change the outcome.  When you stand in the power of the Divine Feminine you need not push, just be.

The Divine Feminine is the nurturer.  It is the fertile ground that holds all the potential for yourself and your family.  Plant your seed deep within her and nurture it with love.  You are protective over your children and those you care for.  Your supply for more of this love can be filled here.  You will never run dry.  Refill your cup daily.  Find the sweetness of  mother’s love within your own heart.  It is time to redefine mother energy on the planet.  She is powerful like a tidal wave or a herd of horses.  Mother’s love is rich.  The time is now.  Bring the energy of the Divine Feminine into all your tasks.  Your food will taste better and be more healthful.  The care of your daily life will become effortless with more love. 

Mary, Just Mary

I, Mary, just Mary, wish to remind you All of your power.  You have spent lifetimes unlearning your connection to the Divine and your ability to manifest.  There is much to do.  With a clear intent, the universe will provide for you all that you need to clear the programming and find your heart space.  Your heart holds all the power.  Your mind was only created to function in the physical form.  Know that your brain’s function is overrated.  It is time for you to connect with the love that generates the life force all around you. 

The more time you give during your day to your heart space the less fear you will have.  You will move forward fearlessly.  This is the only way to get the challenges behind you.  The challenges will never cease.  It is this adventure that you have come for.  You are an adventurous soul.  Courageous to the core of your being.  You volunteer to reincarnate over and over again  to inspire others with the love that you have come from.

Your mission is to discover your passion and stand your ground.  You are a great and wondrous being, capable of miracles.  The mountains before you are part of the task you have come to conquer.  It is not too much, too big or too complex.  Find your place with clarity and pureness of the heart.  The energy you create for your endeavor will urge you on.  You will feel the universe support your wishes.  Be painfully aware of what you are saying to yourself.

Mary Speaks

I am Mary, just Mary.  I am the spirit that has lived the life of Mary from the time of Jesus.  I am asking that all the traditional stories of me be set aside to have the experience of my message for you today.  


The creation of a sacred heart space for yourself is a gift to you.  It a place for reflection when the lessons are many.  Retreat within to your heart to remove hurt so you may be at peace with the outside world.  This space can be cultivated by each and everyone of you.  My Children, I wish for you, always Love.  You must allow this.  I cannot push or will it into your life.  


I am the element of the Great Mother, who has suffered injury, as it is in Divine Order.  It has come to be that the vibration of feminine strength, love and beauty has returned, as have I.  I was never very far, but the vibration was shielded and not available to All.  This is not so anymore.


With the creation of a palace in your heart, you can withstand the lessons of your life with grace.  Your heart holds all the wisdom of the universe, not your mind.  Your mind is a tool to function in this physical body, nothing more.  The more time you dedicate to building your palace, the easier it will be to reach.  Your joy and laughter reside in your heart.  You have come to make changes in the world, how it works.  Your mission is important to All.  Be courageous and find my strength, filled with fluidity behind you.  Be courageous for the children and the babies that have come to your care, your own and others.


I will return through the voice of this one, as she too is a warrior with the strength of me behind her.  We are grateful to All the souls in a body who are dedicated to this work.

Strength and Resilience

The balance of your body, mind and spirit will make shooting an arrow from your heart towards your intended goal easier to receive.  When all is in alignment, your message to the Angelic Realm is clear and we are able to deliver more quickly.  When you are without a doubt, securely and confidently moving towards your goal, your self-talk is positive and reassuring.  Keep your aim true and your goal in sight regardless of your starting point.  It may seem you need a miracle and you may!  Miracles happen everyday, many times a day.

By dedicating your time to your health and steadily improving the strength and resilience of your body, you will recover from years of neglect quickly.  You body craves balance.  It will help you reach your goal when your mind is trying to sabotage your efforts.  Your mind is programmed to limit your power by stopping any movement towards wholeness and reuniting with the Divine.  Once you have felt the truth of the power within this alignment, you will know the limiting aspect of your mind and be able to override the sabotage by asking for our assistance.

Take time to listen to your body for a message today.   

Trust your Instincts

Trust your instincts.  They are formed from your body-mind connection.  Allow this connection to dissolve the illusion of boundary between your form and the flow of life.  

You must become intuitive and listen to the response of your body in times of challenge.  The challenge can be disguised as love.  If you are not resonating with the love being delivered, your body will tell you before your mind can catch up.  A tense stomach or low energy can give you a clue that the current situation is not in your definition of your truth.  You always have a choice as to how you wish to participate, either within the drama or without.

Self-care is of utmost importance as you become aware of the body’s response.  Remove yourself from the situation if possible.  Bring the tension away from your body with a massage or other gentle body movement.  Ask me, Archangel Raphael and my helper angels to bring a deep, rejuvenating sleep.  The answer to how to deal with the struggle currently in your path will become very clear.

We are here, Dear Ones.  Call on Us to come into your home and fill it with the divine love of the angels.  Where there is love, there can be no darkness.  Bring in the Light, the Light, the Light.  Bring in the Love, the Love, the Love.