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Dream time

In your dreams, daydreaming included, there is great promise of a world completely changed by the open heart you bring to the planet. Feel safe in wishing for this change, dare to be grand in the fantasy. Bring your problems and your fears to be resolved in the fantasy world and re-create your world from the space of your heart. Sore beyond the current manifestation and move through the challenges gracefully knowing the universe supports the evolution of your life because it changes the possibilities for all.


You are that important. You all have the power within you to change your focus. Dwelling on what is apparent only keeps that the only option available to you. It is within you because magic is in your heart. You work so hard to dampened your heart but negating the hope that lives there. Spend more time on your dreams and the dreams become reality.


We have been seeking outside ourselves for completion. The energies are available now to go beyond this limitation and create a union with your Higher Self that supersedes the singular attachment to one other person. Your connection with your Higher Self brings you the capacity to love more completely the experiences and all the interactions you encounter with such passion that you are fulfilled regardless of expectations.  The expectations fall away and disintegrate in this Love.

All humanity awaits this time to expand into the love but do not be fooled into thinking this has anything to do with your union with another. Unions have a purpose, a purpose to bring you a mirror to show you more love.  This love is a reflection of you. You take it with you always. There will never be a vacant or lonely place in this expansion.

You are everything you ever will need to feel whole and complete.

Self Love

In those dark places where you are soft and permeable you may abhor yourself. Let the judgement be released into love. Love the place where you are not strong and capable so that you may create a version of yourself that has the tolerance for this part of your human nature. The pit that envelopes you in distain and depression has a purpose. It gives you an opportunity like no other to ask for more love.

We have been taught that being anything less than capable and independent is unacceptable. Know that at this juncture, your willingness to be vulnerable gives you the capacity to hold more love. Incrementally and very painfully the way out is revealed. The energy of Mother grants you permission to be soft during this time so that the love can enter but if you resist the vulnerability you block the love that can heal your wounds.

It is part of the human experience to crumble so that you may rebuild, never to return to the former version of yourself. You will become more whole and complete as you climb out because the only way is through self love.

Magical Heart

There is a fantastic force of love within your own breast that changes the world. You were born with magic and miracles within your very being and you expect magic and miracles all around you. The key to unlock the magic is your actual heart. Within your heart lays a million dreams and aspirations. Sprinkle the Light and Love of the universe into your heart everyday like the showers of springtime and allow the visions to grow.

Seeds lay dormant in the earth, waiting for the showers and the light of the sun to begin their growth. IF given the opportunity, they begin their growth but the flow of nurturing must be consistent. Your connection to the Love available to you is an allowance that comes from discipline.

You may begin with your dreamtime. This an easy place to start because their is less resistance. Practice growing in your dreams. Make the declaration before you sleep to your angels and spirit guides to remind you of your own magic. You will begin to remember the magic that is within your heart!

Power of Mother

To find the void, the deep, dark power of Mother, we must detoxify our thoughts as they have been programmed.  The current mindset has put you in fear of this great power that we are all initially aligned with.  It is as simple as taking a salt bath to revitalized your body, you purge the repetitive negativity that holds you back from your greatness.  You and She are one.  As you grow to understand your position in the grid work of the universe so will She reaps the benefits of your freedom.  All your needs are met through the faith you nurture by embracing these words.


It is no accident that you have come to these words. Visualize your freedom in the most glorious version of you you can muster.  Even your most inspired vision has its limitations. Every Mother wishes to see her children reach and exceed their potential.  So does Mother Earth. When you begin to embrace the void, the place of all creation, you will tap into the flow of the universe.  This alignment has been kept secret from you so you live in fear.  Your greatness known bounds.  Do not accept anything less than the most perfect version of you.  Your dreams whisper of this greatness, follow them. Loosen the mental restraints and learn to trust the fall into darkness.  She will no fail you.  The abundance of the universe is apparent all around you, start to accept that if it exists in the current reality it is because it was dreamt of first.  This reality is set up to grant your every wish. Play and be free.  It is only in this freedom that you will find the abundance you seek.

The void has been vanquished as a benevolent force because it is the greatest force on Mother Gaia.  The ancients knew of these things and moved through Her undulations with grace.  There was no doubt in our alignment at one time.  Humans mutate over time and adjust to their environment.  The form we hold is flexible.  Do not fight any longer, trust that the changes that are afoot. The energies that are available are for the growth of humanity.  The old ways die.  The old ways have perished in the past and humanity continued.  Humanity will always continue, but how will we define it?  Your best vision needs to be clear and unfettered.  Your dreams hold the magic of a New Earth.

Cunfessions of the Mutha

There is incredible magic available right here, right now.  We are all gifted, special and unique.  When the sunsets and the violet-blues and fuchsia pink set you in awe, you are one and the same, elementally.  The mission, if you choose to accept it, (insert the music of the movie Mission Impossible) is to make it your focus in your life to find out what you are all about.  What magic have been borne with?  Can you allow the expression of all that you are or do you squash yourself down because you have been taught otherwise?


It was killing me.  My life, my choices.  The weight insulated the true expression of me until it hurt.  The weight on my chest made it hard to breathe.  I had no idea how I even got here.  I was doing all the “right” things.  I was following an ideal of my personal truth as far as I believed it could be expressed. I put myself on a railroad track with no adjoining course.  The cavernous guilt bore a whole through me, a so I ate.  I cooked elaborate meals and ate. I poured my love, my heart, into my food.  Soon that was getting to be a burden as well.


So I made skincare.  I couldn’t eat that.  I created beautiful products for my family and my friends.  I was reaching, searching for me.  Still, I was engulfed with the solitude of my existence. I hoped the creativity would lead me to the magic.  My heart yearned for a connection to something bigger.  Somedays I got close, when I woke with a dream about a new recipe, I would run downstairs to start the fire and let things come together as the dream inspired me to do.  It was a brush with the creative force of the universe, but really, only a brush.  A water color streak in the blank canvas of my life.  When I was not creating, could barely function doing the mundane.  I did not understand why my life had, seemingly all-of-the-sudden turned on me.  The simple joys of my family were no longer.


I was horrified to realize I could not enjoy my children like I used to.  I became impatient.    Endless hours of playing with dolls or Legos was a thing of the past.  I no longer put my energy into exploring their world.  I let them do their world.  I knew they would do well to explore without the despondency I carried.   They did as children do, continue on, finding their way, fearlessly.


The loneliness engulfed me.  I was suffocating.  A cloud of dense fog surrounded my senses making it difficult to even decipher how I felt.  My children reached out to me through the fog and I would resurface momentarily, until my eldest daughter became depressed.  I could not help her and I knew that it was because I could not get my shit together.  She was reaching puberty.  A time when the young woman needs a strong example to emulate. I really looked at myself and recoiled as I was not the woman I wanted to be, nor was I the woman she needed me to be to make this transition.


My whole being searched for something, anything to tell me the truth.  “Give me something to believe in again!”  my heart screamed out in desperation. I had glimpses of my effervescent childhood, full of joy and imagination. It haunted me.  Could I still be that same joyous being?  God held me in his embrace.  As a young bubbly girl, the security of His Love freed me from the worries of humanity.  Light and love poured from my eyes into the hearts of those around me. It effortlessly poured out of me.  In the complete acceptance of myself, I embraced all.


In that absolutely clear place of loving my daughter more that myself, I was lead to further my quest.  Watching her lie on the couch day after day, was all I could bare.  I felt her despair, her utter loneliness.  She, with an open and generous heart, tried to live here amongst all the pain and jealousy, mistrust and betrayal.   Her relationships began to fail her.  Her friends betrayed her trust, her parents distrusted her experience.  I could not show her it was worth it to continue, that there was a more glorious expression of life than the one I was portraying. She looked at me, she witnessed my pain and loneliness as I served and nurtured everyone around me, taking no heed to the calling of my soul.  A mother cannot hide from her children, nor them from me.  We have made the commitment to be partners this lifetime and I am eternally grateful.  They inspire me to remain in the flow of love so that they can remember they are never alone.


It is for them that I dug into those ugly dark places in my soul and worked so diligently to  recreate my life.  These memoirs are the events that lead me here. It is a surreal recount of the inner workings of my soul, unravelling.  The intimate whisperings of my heart are raw and unedited.  The journey is fierce and treacherous effuse with craggy outcroppings of unresolved pain.  As in the hearts of all who were born here, we hold untold misery and deceit from lifetimes of abuse.  At birth into these bodies, the abandonment from Source commences.  The ego manages to take the place of Source.   Acquiring financial stability, material items, or a plethora of degrees cry out for fulfillment and satiation.  Yet the insecurity remains like a child that is criticized by our parents, we bend over and work harder towards a fictitious end.  The criticism stems our own thoughts planted there by institutions and society mores that create fear and enforce the  separation we start to feel at birth.

Fly Away with Me

As a small child, I knew how to fly. No really, all you have to do is fill your heart with joy. Kind of like Peter Pan. There were always hordes of people running after me to share the joy and freedom. I wondered why they could not fill up with joy and fly too. I would be jumping from street lamp to street lamp, loving the weightlessness of my body, barely touching down at the next lamp with just enough touch to fly again. If I stood still on top of the lamppost, the people would begin climbing the poll to reach me. I did not want to stop feeling so free, so I willed myself to fill even more and fly. Concentration is essential. I would begin descending if I let them distract me. The people would cheer as I lost altitude. I soared all night, gently lighting down just before waking.

My mother would not interpret the dreams for me, maybe because she couldn’t bring herself to explain the complexity of the world to a five year old. She avoided complexity for herself too. I get it now.

I come with a full heart and fill your heart with my consciousness.  Know and believe I am here expressing myself in your love.  Embrace others with this love and all barriers fall away, including your own self-limiting ones.  Ha-haa, Little One, there is nothing beyond your reach, just remember to reach one step farther than your dream.  Feel the pulse and warmth of your God-self.  Invite this feeling often to overcome self-limiting doubt.  Your fellow humans look for an example of this consciousness to know it is possible.  Even if there is but a glimpse, a glimpse of the Light is enough to inspire the hopeless.  Be the Light, Hold the Light, Shine Bright! Channelled message from Jesus, 8/2011


Your sense of humor ties the strings of your life together.  Where you find self-importance you have stretched the string far from center.  The illusion gives you the opportunity to make choices on a daily basis about the reality you participate in.  Your ego would want you to believe in yourself beyond all others.  It creates strife through comparison.  This is wholly ludicrous.  As you are All so incredibly perfect, as it is just your presence on the face of the planet that has been the calling.  Everything else is for your entertainment as you stay here, bringing your heart energy to share.

As you enjoy the show, feel the flow of life move you forward, effortlessly.  Relish the movement.  Place awe in your heart as the universe shares its love for you.  You are cherished beyond your understanding.  All Love is here for you.  Allow the expression that is always here for you to become apparent.  The more you appreciate the effortlessness of your life, the less it requires of you.

The clarity of this knowing brings you closer to you, inspiring your creativity.  The reason for your physical incarnation is to inform all who are ready to listen of your passion.  The passionate idea floods your body, verifying you of its validity.  Emotions are the gift of this physical form.  They keep you connected to the truth.  Follow them without question.  A lack of emotional response is a death.  Search for situations that stir it up.

You are reborn!

Sense It

In the periphery of your mind there is illumination of your work.  It peaks out like rays of  light from the darkness.  The mundane events clutter your daily care but there is more.  You are more than you allow yourself to be.  Allow the creativity to bring the bits and pieces of the picture into focus.  Tend to the dream.

Take pleasure in the care of your body, inside and out.  Search out the sensuality of the wind in your hair and the sun on your back.  There is great joy here.  Celebrate these simple pleasures, become creative in the care of you.  Sensual awareness is the first step towards realizing the fullness available to you.  Love and care towards self  allows more love to flow effortlessly through you to others.  You inspire with your presence.  The joy is palatable.  You become very attractive.  Spontaneous unions will appear to mirror you in appreciation.

Shine On


Personal integrity create a sacred space around you that makes it possible for you to enter into genuinely heart felt interactions with others.  Your ability to honor your own truth affords the opportunity for relationships, even the most transient, to enter into a depth of integrity that fosters expansion.  The daily dedication to your dreams creates hope and inspires others to reach beyond the illusion.  If you can daydream, than you can rise above the current reflection with ease.

Upon waking, set your intension to a place of ease.  Appreciation for the gifts of today: a simple meal, the warmth of the sun, a child’s laughter, will bring peace.  Reside in that place.  Do not allow thoughts that do not support your peace.  Financial flow has the same energy as health and happiness.  It does not require a different focus or effort.  Allow the universe to provide your needs through generating peace today, in this moment.

This work is the way towards effortless life.  The only way to contentment is through appreciation.  A genuine love of the current ease in your life will bring more ease.  This is the goal of every life.  This is the miracle healing we can foster for ourselves and for everyone we meet.