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Cosmic Creator

You are a cosmic being that has “descended” as you incarnated here to increase the Love available on Mother Earth.  She has called to you and you volunteered!  All the abundance and financial flow of the universe is at your command.  Relax into the knowing that you are heard.  Realign yourself and dedicate your energy to your creative flow and the universe will respond.

The variety of creativity is found throughout nature.  There is no resistance in nature, the animals, plants and bugs continue to diversify in response to the creative force within them in response to their interaction with their environment.  You are no different than another being on the planet. We continue to mutate to attend to the current need of ourselves.  The creative expression of your life is intricately woven into the fabric of our Mother. The culmination of your experience bring new life to old ideas.  Transform the old into new.

Your attention to this matter is not futile.  Yes, there are books already written and portraits already painted, but they are not your perspective! Have confidence that your incarnation has been orchestrated precisely and it is your expression that is being called into actuality.  It is up to you to have the courage to present to the world your heart. We need you1

Power of Mother

To find the void, the deep, dark power of Mother, we must detoxify our thoughts as they have been programmed.  The current mindset has put you in fear of this great power that we are all initially aligned with.  It is as simple as taking a salt bath to revitalized your body, you purge the repetitive negativity that holds you back from your greatness.  You and She are one.  As you grow to understand your position in the grid work of the universe so will She reaps the benefits of your freedom.  All your needs are met through the faith you nurture by embracing these words.


It is no accident that you have come to these words. Visualize your freedom in the most glorious version of you you can muster.  Even your most inspired vision has its limitations. Every Mother wishes to see her children reach and exceed their potential.  So does Mother Earth. When you begin to embrace the void, the place of all creation, you will tap into the flow of the universe.  This alignment has been kept secret from you so you live in fear.  Your greatness known bounds.  Do not accept anything less than the most perfect version of you.  Your dreams whisper of this greatness, follow them. Loosen the mental restraints and learn to trust the fall into darkness.  She will no fail you.  The abundance of the universe is apparent all around you, start to accept that if it exists in the current reality it is because it was dreamt of first.  This reality is set up to grant your every wish. Play and be free.  It is only in this freedom that you will find the abundance you seek.

The void has been vanquished as a benevolent force because it is the greatest force on Mother Gaia.  The ancients knew of these things and moved through Her undulations with grace.  There was no doubt in our alignment at one time.  Humans mutate over time and adjust to their environment.  The form we hold is flexible.  Do not fight any longer, trust that the changes that are afoot. The energies that are available are for the growth of humanity.  The old ways die.  The old ways have perished in the past and humanity continued.  Humanity will always continue, but how will we define it?  Your best vision needs to be clear and unfettered.  Your dreams hold the magic of a New Earth.