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The Voice of Mother

Your fears hold a wealth of information.  These are the places that will unleash your passion and freedom in your life.  You have come at this time to be courageous.  There have been lifetimes that you have not realized your true potential.  The voice of the Mother encourages you to share your yourself without reservation.  Your unique experience will resonate with many others who wish to know peace.  Your creative expression of these dark places will bring resolution to all who are ready to move through their version of the fear programming. It is a tremendous time on Mother Earth, Dear Ones!  You will have all the support you need to clear these temporary blocks with grace.  Ask for help and guidance and you will receive on many different modalities.  Some crave the word, others, music and art.  Take the time in your daily routine for yourself.  Your loved ones will be the benefactors!  To create peace and family harmony, at least one member needs to be dedicated to their connection to themselves and through that to Source.

Have positive expectations about your interactions today.  The Light and Love you shine will be felt everywhere you go.



New Earth

You awaken from this dream as you peruse your inner light.  The Great Mother lives within illuminating your lifetime here.  She is the reason you have come.  It is the mutual love between a mother and her children and that bond that has created this opportunity.  All the dreams you have for this incarnation are part of her dream.  She relies on you to stay true to your mission.  Do not falter as you will be challenged.  Where is it that you doubt your abundance?  The support of All That Is is behind you, urging you on.

You are the only one that can break the barrier of this illusion into the magic realm and for power of your being.  It is within your grasp, a finger -length away, keep reaching.  Do not let your mind trick you.  The faith in yourself is a reflection of your connection to Mother and her Divine mission for you.  The power courses through you when you allow it and you recoil because it is the unknown.  The unknown is the power of the Feminine.  Your freedom from the definition of this reality lies in this faith.

Grow with the vision in your heart to a New Earth.

Gaining Ground

You make choices everyday.  Seemingly simple choices like what to eat can be turned into a balancing act in your mind.  Do not get trapped.  Ask your heart to lead the way and the mind will quiet.  Some choices weigh on you more than others.  After they have been administered, you have doubt.  Not necessarily doubt about the choice itself but doubt about how it unfolded.  Trust that once you are connected to your heart, the outcome of following it will only bring you more courage and strength in future adventures.

Vibrationally though, when you waiver from that strong heart space, you send conflicting messages to the universe for what is to happen next.  You are creating every moment.  Allow the doubt to pass, bring it to the Light for purification and move on.  You have gained much ground, Young One.  Be proud of yourself.  It is your faith in who you are and your mission that has created this opportunity.  Your voice is clear and your heart resonates loudly with all you do.  You are a blessed child of the Creator and of Mother Gaia.  They need your voice during these times of change and intense growth.

The Flow

After many years of accumulating experience and choosing the most comfortable options, you now have a large bank to choose from.  It is time for bringing all the pieces together and weeding out the unpreferred options.  All this can be done with your declaration and intension.

During the next months, you will be given opportunities to re-examen your choices for yourself.  The limiting ones need to be identified and eliminated from the list of options in your energy matrix.  Use visualization and the power of your imagination to describe in the most detail your perfect outcome.  Make no excuses for the amount of abundance that you currently allow.  Honor the most exalted version of your vision for yourself and feed it with detail use sing all your senses.  This is the way to the flow of the universe.

You are not being punished for being here.  Quite the contrary.  As you begin using this tool, be sure to include a detoxification regimen for your body.  Salt baths are an easy way to remove emotional baggage.