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Proceed Gently

There is a way for you to proceed with positive changes in your life wisely but gently.  There is a strength in watching and listening to your messages form your body first.  Make changes one at a time.  So that you may savor the body’s response.  It will become more of a lifestyle change when you can afford yourself the awareness during the adjustment.


By honoring that all the food you are exchanging for vitality in your body.  Some foods are easier to work with for different people.  You must be your own expert.  If you are aware that there are some substances that are not received well in your body and you cannot seem to control your intake, you may ask that I, Archangel Raphael, help guide you in your choices everyday.

Let’s say you may start with a caffeine awareness.  Notice if you have some in your diet. When, what time of day do you indulge?  Just take note of your habits.  That is all it is, habitual training.  You can habitually train yourself to do anything.  If reducing your intake of caffeine is relevant to you, than ask for the desire for the caffeine to be lifted from you and we will remove the craving.  You may also ask that there be no evident detox from the caffeine so that it is pain-free and your energy remains even throughout the day.  Ask before you go to sleep, so that tomorrow you will start anew, not only easily reducing your caffeine intake but releasing the help that we are to you in every way.  Make an intention and command our help.  You may replace any substance into this request: sugar, nicotine, illicit drugs and so on.

You are made of the same composition as Mother Earth.  She needs the Sunlight to create life.  It is the same for you.  The sunlight gives a full spectrum of vibrational energy to your systems.  If you were a different life form than you could survive underground, not needing the sun’s rays, but you are not. 

It is always with gentle inquisition We ask that you inquire within as to the most appropriate path to take.  We are not demanding any particular diet.  We never would.  It is your Free Will we honor most.  What are the changes that have been whispered in your ear by your body that you have not had the courage to face?  

Create Your Reality

You hold on to negative energy, emotion or thoughts, perpetuating an experience that did not originate with the truth of who you are.  In truth you are perfectly arranged.  There is not one part of your physical being that is in disorder.  Somewhere along the way you adopted the idea that illness was possible.  It is part of the collective consciousness, an illusion that you have all agreed to participate in.  You are not to blame, nor are you being punished.  You just believe in the illness more than you believe you are well.

These ideas, we know, are new to your present.  Like all the other awakenings, this one is upon you now.  We ask that you take a moment to entertain this vision of perfect health.  There is no need to age.  Your bodies need not deteriorate in anyway.  It would be Heaven on Earth were it in your collective consciousness. Can you dream this dream today?

There are many ways to maintain your body optimally.  We could discuss food choices and dietary restrictions but in essence you are all too different to generalize.  You must cultivate a relationship to your body where there is open communication.  Your body is continually telling you about your food choices.  Your mind overrides the intuitive response to food.  The reasons for this override are many.  The most important thing to realize is that your mind is deceiving you.  

It is time to awaken from the stupor of denial.  You are the most powerful force in your life.  Do not accept any version of yourself that does not resonate with Divine Order.  Ask for Divine intervention.  Have faith and fully accept the help immediately.  My team of angelic helpers and I, Archangel Raphael, are waiting for you to move aside and let us in.  This is in no way a surrender of your Will but an opportunity to empower you as your own creator of your reality.



AA Raphael Speaks…


Your life is teaching you all the time.  Your body sends you messages.  It is a finely tuned instrument for your particular learning process.  When your body is crying out to you for attention, you must go within to discover why this has manifested.  By honoring the messages that come to you, you gain strength and resilience.

Begin by consciously breathing, you quiet the mind and become more receptive to receiving messages.  Imagine your breathing invigorates your heart, increasing the vibration of love and compassion.  Allow this feeling to fill your body.  Focus your attention to one body part at a time, so you do not get too many messages at once.  Ask your body what is it trying to tell you.  Allow time to receive.  The first impression is the one.  Do not second guess it.  Trust that you are your most intimate healer.

The time you dedicate to your body’s health is never a waste of time.  Your body is one of your greatest tools given to you to learn your lessons on this Earthly plane.  Ask that I, Archangel Raphael, inspire you to design an exercise program that fits your interests, needs and budget.  The more you have a daily practice of connecting to your physical form the less often you will incur illness to any debilitating degree because your communication will be so clear you will hear the messages before they have a chance to grow.

During times of stress, it is imperative that your breath remain full with long inhale and exhales.  Your breath will always reflect your level of discomfort immediately, or sometimes even before a situation occurs that attempts to knock you off center.  You always have a choice to remain balanced.  Your breath is one of the easiest ways to help control a stress response.  The beautiful simplicity of this technique is that you are always in control of your breath.  Breathe, long luxurious breaths today, throughout your day.

Archangel Raphael Speaks

As I channelled the messages from AA Michael, many others made it known to me that they would like an opportunity to do the same.  AA Raphael has been waiting….


AA Raphael reminds us to find the humor and irony in  life’s situations…

You take yourselves too seriously.  The human experience is a grand experiment.  Your bodies have been created without the clear connection to Source.  Free Will reigns supreme.  The Angelic Realm stands by and watches, supports and helps when called.  But for many of you, you have forgotten your Divine Origins and do not search for help beyond what you see.  Your brain selectively perceives only that which it is comfortable interpreting.  There is much more here if you allow and trust.

When you allow the Love of the Creator to enter into your reality, full health is regained. Divine Order is made manifest into your physical form.  You must let go of any attachment you might have on the situation you have created that perpetuates the relationship you have with yourself and others.  There is a comfortable manipulation at work because you have convinced yourself you need this dynamic to survive.  Forgive yourself immediately!  You may exchange, in this very moment, peace and health for your perceived dis-ease.



 Ask for my emerald green Light to enter into every cell.  I will infuse each particle with Divine Order.  I guarantee you,  there will be moments of doubt that it is true, but you must fight these thoughts.  I will help remind you of the presence of the Angelic Realm as you command, but command you must.  Remember your Divine Origins and demand order.