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Intend this day with all the love you can muster. Watch the gratitude unfold. You are the Love in the universe this world needs.  It is not up to those who have turned away.  YOU represent the Love of the entire universe on planet Earth.  

This love holds no boundaries.  All miracles are contained therein.  Expect a miracle.  Your health will improve with the connect to your heart.  It will grow until there is nothing but love inside and all around you.  Imagine a world filled with beings that bring this energy everyday!  What a beautiful place!  




The way to equilibrium in your daily life is to become aware of the present moment.  Awareness is first.  Notice where your focus is.  Do you spend your day thinking about endless possible scenarios?  Have you found the way of your heart?  

There is a way to balance the day by being sure to spend time with mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of yourself.  Even the awareness that these four functions are expressed in your daily life is enough at first.  Balance creates flow.  Being your own witness allows for great change.

There is a lot of drama in human nature.  You can participate in it any way you choose.  One way to remove yourself from the roller coaster ride is through laughter.  Humor instantly helps you detach from the situation.  If you are committed to the drama, use media for relief.  You feel better and release tension.  Your flow of love increases.



Humans tend to create separation between themselves by identifying with groups.  These identities have been put into the way you live so you have a harder time uniting again with Source.  Acknowledge the way you give up your individual identity to be a part of the group.  Each moment that you have given over your power to another, whether it is a huge organization or cultural group or to a person, you have less chance of finding your personal truth.

Without your personal truth, the Divine spark that is unique to you will not have opportunity for its full expression.  This takes courage and trust.  You must cultivate the belief that your voice is as important as all others.

Addictions also take away our power.  Addictions can be to substances, yes, but also to sex, gaming, shopping. Whenever you cannot overcome the desire for an activity, it has power over you.  There are many programs available to help with identifying addictions and working out a way to live in control of them.  Ask for me, Archangel Raphael, and my team of angels to help find the right program for you so you can find your power again.

We are in service with all the Love of the Universe to lift you up and dust you off when you trip.  We believe in you!

Emotions Will Always Come


You do not own the negative emotions you carry.  You perpetuate them.  You hold on to them like an identity.  It is not you.  the truth of who you are is pure Freedom in Love.  

The emotions will come, always come.  You will never be free from them but you do have the capacity to allow them through you like a vessel.  Let them pass.

When you are stuck in an emotional state, there are a few ways for you to help release them by using your body.  Exercise and fresh air are easy to accomplish.  Take a 20 minute walk in nature to revitalize your system.  Feel the nurturing quality of the nature  beings.  They happily remove all negativity and stress from your system just by their presence.  Breathe deep and release.

Using your body in this way facilitates a more intimate relationship with it.  You will become more aware of the way you feed it.  Not only with quality foods and beverages but with spirit.

You Are Perfection


You are perfection.  All that you have endured has taught you and made you who you are.  If there is pain residing in your body or your mind from lack, it is time to resolve these issues.  Find the gift in the pain.  It has made you strong and wise.  You must see these instances as lessons and refuse the dramatic response to reside in an emotional place with them.

The Angelic Realm is here and very close indeed!  You need not travel far to find our helping hands lifting your spirit so you may be free of this pain.  You are never truly damaged by your experiences here.  You return to the Light and Love of Source after each lifetime.  You take the lessons with you.  Mother Earth has given a great and unique opportunity to clear out any issues of abandonment from Source.  You are destined to create a path back to Love and Light.  You may do it in this body or wait until you depart.  The choice is yours.  You will have less and less suffering when you can embrace your connection to Source while awake and aware of your physical existence.

When your body reacts to a substance either in your environment or something you have ingested by swelling or causing other discomfort, you must clear this reaction.  My Helpers are here to help you identify these substances and help you figure out a way to avoid  and clear them from your system.  It is to clear the path to a better connection to Source that you care to do this work.  When your body suffers abuse, it cannot easily converse with the etheric realm.  There is much assistance for you, surrounding you everyday.

Call on me, Archangel Raphael, to help rid your body of this toxic response so you may live with more Light.



Imagine yourself as a twig floating on the surface of a gently moving stream.  The separation of your “body” as the twig and the water begins to blend.  You are one with the flow of the universe.  There is an abundance of love and tenderness for all.  Connect yourself with this flow today.  It is as easy as closing your eyes and using your imagination.

You are holding hands with powerful beings that love and care for you.  The energy needed for a complete return to full vitality is yours for the asking.  Just like the floating twig, allow for a moment that the water is infused with the White Light of the angelic realm.  We Love you and support you everyday.  We have no inclination to punish you for your choices.  Today you may leave all thoughts of punishment behind. 

When you ask for this help, state it in a way that is has already occurred.  ”Thank you for the return of my vitality.”  Keep this in your mind.  Write it on your computer screen, post a note on the refrigerator; repeat it each time the phone rings.  Expect a miracle.  You are the force you need in your own life. We are the cheerleaders!

Sacred Witness


You are timeless.  Observe you life as the sacred witness.  There is not another person on the planet that can answer the questions during your life path as well as you can.  Become your own expert.

If you feel you would like to have the input of another professional to assess you current situation, than you can ask Us to guide you.  Remember this gathering of information is just that.  You are the only one who knows what resonates with the truth in your heart.

Find time to quiet your mind to discover the musings of your sacred witness.  Spending time in nature will always bring you into a more receptive state.  The messages, at first, may need tuning.  If they are unclear, you can ask Us to intervene and repeat the messages as often as possible until you are clear as to the next move.

YOu create stress in your body when you are unclear as to how to proceed.  We can give you messages through books and other printed media.  If there has been many people in your life that have suggested a certain topic to look into then do so.  It can only increase your knowledge base so you become the expert.  Ask for a second and third opinion but always spend time to reflect on the suggestions from a quiet space.  Create a time of solitude where you can do this.  We are here for you always.  You are never alone.

choose faith

When you cultivate faith above all else, you give an opportunity for your truth to emerge, bright and shiny like a new penny.  Faith is equivalent to surrender.  It is not the surrender of self, mind you.  It is the surrender of the worries and anxiety.  When you perpetuate the anxiety by repeating the situation over and over in your mind,  you perpetuate and accentuate the stress in your body.  There is no way for you to be free to express your joy when you drown and saturate every cell in your body with panic.

Life is like a cyclone, you can choose to be the eye.  Be aware of the movement around you, but do not be a victim of its thrashing.  The opportunity to engage is always there, but you get to choose how and what.  When you live with faith in the Divine you are the eye of the storm.  

You may ask that I and my helpers assist you in finding your faith when the situation seems most dark.  We will effortlessly lift it away.  Ask often and for every moment that you are not at ease.  This is how faith is built.  You will become aware of our presence.  It takes practice.   You have spent your lifetime learning to be without support.  It is time to retrain your brain!

The children in your life have all asked to be here.  They have asked for their family relationships and situations.  It is of no use to them to have pity on them.  It is best to bring your love and your heart to every interaction.  As before, you must bring the situation to the Light.  Ask for our presence to create a pillow of protection around each child.  If it is within the Divine Will of the individual, than we can intervene.  If the lessons needed to be learned do not allow our intervention, our presence will be a step in the right direction, rather than bringing the vibration of the the life of the child lower by pitying them.  


You choose how to proceed with every moment.  Choose faith….





Obsession with any aspect of your health depletes the flow.  It is not possible for Divine Order to enter into your life when you are consumed by a certain ideology.  All the authority you need is within you.  Your connection to yourself is the answer to your quest.

You need not go far to find the right care for who you are.  Your body is talking to you all the time.  You have become accustomed to deciphering these messages with too much thought.  The changes you would like to make come from loving yourself.  You are worth  the investigation.  You are a Divine Being.  When you are unable to express the truth of who you really are because your body is ill, there is an aspect of your Divine Purpose that cannot be expressed until you are able to find your way to listening to your body.

Be aware of the foods you are consuming.  If you are unsure if you should eat something, take a deep breath and become quiet.  Stand and hold the item in your hands.  Ask your body to decide if this would be beneficial at this time.  You may feel your body sway forward for “yes” or lean back for “no.”  Your energetics are like a pendulum.  Try it today with everything you consume.  If you do not sway in any direction, it is your Free Will giving you the choice.

Try it today.  We are here to guide you too!  Ask that We intervene.  We can help the messages become clearer.  With practice you will come to realize what is best for you.  It is not what is best for anyone else.  You are a unique being.  We love you.

Illuminate Your Day

Set an intention today.  Begin with trust and innocence like a child.  In the early hours, imagine yourself as a quiet pond, still and waiting.  At noon, dream.  close your eyes and dream.  Trust and believe that today the a day of transformation.  The words you speak are powerful tools in setting your intention.  Be mindful.  At night, give thanks for the clarity you have allowed to manifest today, through your heart.

Ask for a thoroughly restful night’s sleep, no matter the number of hours.  Once you request Our Presence, you will insure a peaceful and rejuvenating rest.  Ask to receive a message from your body while you travel this evening.  We are here for you all ways and always.