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Mary Speaks

The human being is deeply rooted as are the other beings that share the planet with you.  There is much power that resides in the depth of who you truly are.  Most of you are functioning in a paradigm that does not give you opportunity to express this fierce creativity.   It is time to connect, once again, to your roots.

There is a generous flow of abundance that Mother Earth has available for you, right now.  You have learned to operate in a lack mentality.  It has taken most of your life to learn to live believing in the struggle you now participate in.  Understand that you are a willing participant.  You have asked to know how it is to live in fear so that you may find your way back to Source.  Relearning this lesson will take discipline and patience.

Like a nurturing mother, I am here to lift you up when you fall.  You are young but resilient and courageous.  Only the bravest beings have asked to be born into this physical reality.  Know that it is time to reach deep into yourself for that wild, untamed passion and unleash it.  Your passion can be identified by your emotional response.  Emotions are a gift.  As long as you use them to inform you rather than lead you.  It is easy to get caught in drama of emotions, but this is not their purpose.

Herein lies the secret to happiness… choose

Mary asks that you choose

Know your heart, Young One.  I do not say that you are young in years but in your development.  It is a great time to be incarnated on the planet.  So much can be accomplished as you connect deeper into yourself.  You have come to experience the unique individual you are.  The adventure is you.

 The capacity for love that you have already expressed is no where near the boundaries of love that is available for you and your loved ones.  The family of human life has grown in vast numbers because of the expectation that you will all ascend.  You have come to join the effort.  There are those forces that, within the scope of their Free Will, have chosen to experience the separation from Source and attempt to manipulate huge populations with lies and deceit.  The only way to disassemble their dominion is to trust your heart.  Love creates it’s own safety net.  There is much faith in living in love.  You must be fearless.  Then the fear cannot touch you.  You will laugh at their attempts to control you through fear.  You will no longer be confused as you realize how often in the course of your day the brainwashing is being fed into your consciousness. 

Just as thoughts come to you in the course of the day and you have the choice to keep or discard any one of them, you also have the choice to keep feeding yourself the fear or live in Freedom and Love. 


Guided Meditation


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Dedication to More Love

For this present lifetime and past, you have been gathering experiences to fill you with knowledge.  Many of these experiences have been painful because your connection with Source was deliberately kept from you.  Do not misinterpret this.  All is part of Divine Order, as chaotic as it may seem.  The opportunity to have this adventure on Earth, to live in Free Will has allowed many varied expressions of Source.  Know that, at your soul vibration you are always grateful for the incarnation here.  There are few places where the lessons are learned so quickly.  You are an adventurous being that has asked to be a part of this reality.

The courageous spirit that resides in your heart is still there.  The truth in your heart must be voiced.  To find that bravery, you search for ways that you can align with Source in your daily life.  You are all unique versions of Divine Inspiration!  Your way is your own.  There is not one other person who can bring the love and compassion as you can.  Each person is vitally important to the whole vibration of love in the planet.

Your dedication to this work will free you of all that holds you back, but most importantly it will free the world from fear.  There has been generations before you who were unable to connect as easily to the vibration of love that is here for you now.  There was a complete surrender to suffering.  Love will reverse all.  Have faith, Dear Ones, your work is not in vain.  

The Angelic Realm needs to extend its army into the physical aspect.  Are you ready to enlist!