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Your sense of humor ties the strings of your life together.  Where you find self-importance you have stretched the string far from center.  The illusion gives you the opportunity to make choices on a daily basis about the reality you participate in.  Your ego would want you to believe in yourself beyond all others.  It creates strife through comparison.  This is wholly ludicrous.  As you are All so incredibly perfect, as it is just your presence on the face of the planet that has been the calling.  Everything else is for your entertainment as you stay here, bringing your heart energy to share.

As you enjoy the show, feel the flow of life move you forward, effortlessly.  Relish the movement.  Place awe in your heart as the universe shares its love for you.  You are cherished beyond your understanding.  All Love is here for you.  Allow the expression that is always here for you to become apparent.  The more you appreciate the effortlessness of your life, the less it requires of you.

The clarity of this knowing brings you closer to you, inspiring your creativity.  The reason for your physical incarnation is to inform all who are ready to listen of your passion.  The passionate idea floods your body, verifying you of its validity.  Emotions are the gift of this physical form.  They keep you connected to the truth.  Follow them without question.  A lack of emotional response is a death.  Search for situations that stir it up.

You are reborn!

Sense It

In the periphery of your mind there is illumination of your work.  It peaks out like rays of  light from the darkness.  The mundane events clutter your daily care but there is more.  You are more than you allow yourself to be.  Allow the creativity to bring the bits and pieces of the picture into focus.  Tend to the dream.

Take pleasure in the care of your body, inside and out.  Search out the sensuality of the wind in your hair and the sun on your back.  There is great joy here.  Celebrate these simple pleasures, become creative in the care of you.  Sensual awareness is the first step towards realizing the fullness available to you.  Love and care towards self  allows more love to flow effortlessly through you to others.  You inspire with your presence.  The joy is palatable.  You become very attractive.  Spontaneous unions will appear to mirror you in appreciation.

Shine On


Personal integrity create a sacred space around you that makes it possible for you to enter into genuinely heart felt interactions with others.  Your ability to honor your own truth affords the opportunity for relationships, even the most transient, to enter into a depth of integrity that fosters expansion.  The daily dedication to your dreams creates hope and inspires others to reach beyond the illusion.  If you can daydream, than you can rise above the current reflection with ease.

Upon waking, set your intension to a place of ease.  Appreciation for the gifts of today: a simple meal, the warmth of the sun, a child’s laughter, will bring peace.  Reside in that place.  Do not allow thoughts that do not support your peace.  Financial flow has the same energy as health and happiness.  It does not require a different focus or effort.  Allow the universe to provide your needs through generating peace today, in this moment.

This work is the way towards effortless life.  The only way to contentment is through appreciation.  A genuine love of the current ease in your life will bring more ease.  This is the goal of every life.  This is the miracle healing we can foster for ourselves and for everyone we meet.

The Wonder That is You

Your essence is unbridled.  You are born wild like the mountain lion only to live as a sheep.  The instinctual side of your nature can be reached by, first, allowing this expression.  The freedom to let go and be untethered is a vast, dark void.  It is sheer power.  Bring the connection through your body. Connect to nature.  Feel the sun warm mother Earth.  Remember the balance between the fire of male energy and the movement that is created in receiving the fire.  All creation is based on this simple concept.

You are completely self-reliant.  When you tap into this energetic reality, balancing male and female energy, you create a universe within your form.  Your courage to embrace this wild force is all that is needed.  Be passionate about life, all aspects of it.  Complacency leads to victimization.  Be curious about the truth that resides in your heart and live it proudly.  The universe will unite under your guidance to manifest more magic.  Let your essence unfold. Behold the wonder that is you.

Wonder Full

When the allowance of expansion occurs, it touches all aspects of self: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.  The transition for the larger part of Being takes no time at all.  It is the rest of the existence that follows in a pace equal to the amount of resistance present. Harmony is created and maintained as attention is given to each aspect of Being.  It is required that not one aspect of your Being consume you more than another.  Balance actions in your daily life to facilitate clarity.

Peace of mind comes from honoring your feelings but not being overwhelmed by them.  Emotional aspect of change is a small portion of the transition.  Do not become consumed by it.  Sometimes the only escape from enduring emotional response is distraction.  Emotions are perpetuated by reoccurring thoughts, if you stop thinking these thoughts the emotion will have a chance to slip away and become attuned to the current situation rather than the one looping repeatedly in your head.

All the attention you have given yourself in these years has given you the greatest gift: yourself.  Your true self has bared witness without judgement, waiting for the vibration within your physical form to be maintained at a certain frequency long enough so that more and more of the truth of who you really are could emerge.  Revel in pure joy at the gift of life as the universe continues to give you a match to your vibration every time.  Every interaction is a result of the energy of your Beingness, so BE wonder-full.

Blossom to Fullness

As the Earth awakens this spring, find your way outdoors.  Feel the mirrored representation of nature in your own being.  Witness the energy from Father Sky  stimulate Our Mother to create life.  It is patient and methodical.  You are in sync with this vibration of renewed creation.  Your mindset is the center of this manifestation.  Your thoughts inspire emotions.  When the thoughts are in alignment with your higher self the creation is effortless.  All you need to do is continue to have faith in the manifestation of your dreams.  The universe is hard wired to give you what you believe.  You are THAT magical, Dear One.  You have forgotten your roots.  We are here to remind you of what you already know.  Nothing we ever declare is new.  It just sparks a deep memory of who you really are in the core of your being.

Facing your emotions without judgement takes courage.  You have the help you need to stay clear during these times of intense transformation.  You have a team of spiritual guides and mastered already assembled on your behalf.  They do not bring you anything from outside yourself, just constantly remind you of your true essence.  At this point,  you are gathering the information you need to make clear choices.  Remove any doubt and the way will be paved for you.

The way you are in the world perfectly reflects your relationship to yourself.  Honor your truth.  Allow yourself to shine in all that you do and  the next career choice will present itself to you.  There is no planning needed.  It will occur and blossom to fullness before you.  Take care of your body, love the activities you engage in and let the universal energies provide for you.  It is effortless.  Live in Joy.   Be Free.

Dream Big

Follow your passion and focus on it.  Become the expert.  Fine tune your connection with this focus and let the magic begin.  When you let all the “other” aspects of your life dim in comparison, your joy will be undeniable.  The universe has prepared all you need to move forward, all that is required of you is to live in your joy.  Find happiness in the mundane care taking, create new and different perspectives to keep you from falling into despair.  Your life is blessed, Dear One.  You have always gotten what you needed in the most magical ways, maybe not what you expected but magical none the less.  Reflect and wonder at the care that surrounds you.  You are not alone nor abandoned.

It is time to detoxify your mind of the thoughts of lack and doubt.  If you care to have help to do this, all you  need do is ask.  Ask before bed and upon waking.  We will gladly remind you in the most glorious ways that it is only your perspective that needs adjusting to finally have the life that you hold in your heart.  Align with your feelings.  Trust your emotional response to lead you to the most rewarding version of your life.  It is already here, you have to allow the blessings in.  Your feelings will lead you to more happiness, if that is your intention.  If your intention is to despair than that will be brought to you.  It is always your choice.  Oh the freedom!

Can you imagine that every single moment has been created by your vibrational alignment, even the geese that fly overhead. You have aligned with it all.  By opening your eyes to the potential of your life as this Divine Being, allow the physical reality before your eyes to morph into the fantasy in your heart.  Daydream big!

The mask you where on occasion is unnecessary.  Learn to Love yourself as we do, Dear One.  Celebrate the uniqueness that is you.  Find and appreciate yourself as you would a rose in full bloom.  You notice the color, shape and size of the flower.  You enjoy the fragrance but you are not obsessing over the thorns.  The thorns are there but you avoid them, respectfully.  If a thorn were to attach itself to you, you give it the attention it needs to release yourself from it and still admire the rose.  You are the rose.  Your thorns are attributes that have a propose.  They are to be respected, noted when they surface and released as put of a function, nothing more.

In the same way you approach a new or existing relationship, you focus on the wonderful gifts your partner brings and in that you feel elated, as it is a mirror, a reflection of the gifts within yourself.  When you focus on the thorns, the elation decreases.  The purpose of any union is to elevate the vibration you hold for yourself multiplied exponentially.  That is why unions are sought after in the first place.  When two people find each other in vibrational alignment, the union takes the vibration up.  IF you are not in sync with the wholeness of you, you will attract from this vibrational place.  Love yourself, Dear One.  Take the time to appreciate your own gifts first then you will have much to offer your partner.  When you learn to be with yourself in full appreciation, you will never feel lonely or in need of companionship, only that the union will elevate your vibration.  Find time for you and We will provide the aligned relationships.


Gathering occurs with contrast.  You ask the universe to supply your most genuine heart wishes and it prepares to deliver.  When you have experiences that do not line up with what you have asked, it is an opportunity to refine and declare with conviction your wish.  When you were a child, you wished on a dandelion and blew the seeds into the sky.  Your hopes for the fulfillment of that wish drifted up and away and you never gave it another thought.  Of course you are worthy to receive your wish, you thought.  As an adult, you might think the wish is too big or too much to be granted.  Therein lies the work.  You are still that same child in the eyes of the universe.  You are completely worthy.  Learn to let the seeds fly.  Imagine them reaching your angels and their delight at being able to be of service.  They ready themselves to deliver the request, but in the interim you doubt you will actually get what you asked for. The angels are all packed up with your gift.  They are at your door, ringing your bell and you have become deaf!  Let it go.

All that you have put with the gathering of your experiences are inside your heart right now.  They are glorious and perfect.  Hiding them in your heart keeps them there.  Take a moment and find the most precious one.  The one you guard.  It is the one that is wrapped exquisitely.  Love it.  Love the time that it has taken you to create it.  It is time to open it and give it over to the angels for manifestation.  You read these words and at this moment you lose doubt and find your courage.  We ask that you intuitively journey within and find the reason you have denied this gift.  Ask for Us to help you release the fear.  You are loved so completely.  There is not a thing we would change if we could.  You are a unique expression of Source.  There is nothing to change.  Love yourself as you would your own child.  You do not deny the children the journey of creating their wishes and receiving them.   You are this child.  Embrace yourself.  Intuitively you do not doubt this.  Do not let your thinking mind overrule your heart.  It does not know better.  it is the means at which you function and get your tasks done to be healthy and care for the physical experience.  The mind is a tool, not the governing body.  Give it the credit it deserves but not much more.  Thought is limiting.  Emotional response and feelings guide you to the truth of who you are.  Be YOU.

You Are Worth It

Your imagination is powerful.  You are the only barrier between your dreams and the reality you seek.  Imagine and ask, in great detail, the world you wish to create.  The universe did not have you come into this physical form to suffer.  The programming you have received up until now has created the reality you are presently living in.   Your thoughts and beliefs have given you as it is.  It is difficult to hear that you are responsible for the current situation.  If you decide to turn away from this message because you are having an emotional response, you may, or you can sit quietly with the the emotion and ask for clarity to explain your dissatisfaction.  Becoming unsettled is a step forward into the truth of who you really are.

We are here, Dear Ones, playing in your dreams, taking you away from this reality to help you remember the bigger version of who you are.  The messages you wake up with may be unclear at first but as you ask for clarity, We will repeat them as often as necessary.  Sometimes We will repeat the messages in different forms of communication, trying to get you to realize you are never alone.

You truth needs to be shared and spoken.  Stand by your truth.  You need not sacrifice your happiness for your truth.  Those around you will be made responsible for their reaction.  It is not for you to help them find their way with the truth you deliver.  You will find freedom and release from old patterns that do not serve you.  You are worth it.