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Energetic Community


Dear One, when your heart craves community then make one.  With a generosity and caring the community forms.  Nothing is ever lost.  All the energy you choose to invest in relationships or other endeavors will come back to you into your life.  The energy always flows equally.  The gift of the energy cannot be controlled though.  Let’s say you invest your time into a relationship with the intention to create cash flow.  The fixation on outcome can become an obsession and taint the energy of the relationship.  Always give from a pure heart.  When you feel that you are drifting and the initial integrity is waning, call on me to purge your heart with my sword of Light.  I will come to bring you back to Love.



Human existence is wrought with concern over possessions and the maintenance of these possessions.  Many decisions are made to protect these things out of fear of loss.  You have spent at lot of time worrying about your home or its inhabitants.  This worry leaves no room for Love and Light to enter into your daily consciousness.  Give your concerns to me, Archangel Michael and my Legion of Light.  Ask us to protect your home, and its inhabitants.  Ask that angels be placed at the windows and the doors.  You may even ask that we intervene in your finances so you can easily afford to pay for your residence.  Once you begin to allow our Love into your life you may find you are no longer afraid.  You may find you no longer need to plan ahead for some possible tragedy.  You are a child of God, we would never leave your side but we cannot intervene without your consent.  Dear One, you are worthy of this care and limitless Love.  Begin to request our presence more regularly.


Bringing us into service on your behalf increases your vibration because you no longer have a daily consumption of fear and worry.  The Love begins to flow and freedom from the bondage of your mind begins to blossom.  The peacefulness you bring to the world is worth more than you know.  You will be approached with relationships because of your new vibration.  You must remember to remain open hearted and keep your faith.  This is a daily practice.  Much discipline is needed to remember your joy and freedom.  Choose it consciously every moment of the day.  As you attract new opportunities, accept them with gratitude in your heart and have faith that there are no coincidences.

I leave you with much to ponder but do not add this to your list of worries.  Close your eyes, with deep breathes imagine two angels standing in front of you and they have a basket between them for you to place your worries and concerns.  Put them in.  The angels can carry a very heavy load.  Do not hold back.  Finances, relationships, career, family, business, whatever.  All is under Divine Guidance and Divine Will.  That you have found this to read to day is not a coincidence either.  With your next breathes, watch the angels lift the basket, effortlessly, into the Light of the Central Sun.  It will be purified and you can rest assured that your needs are being met.  Feel our presence with you, guiding you, protecting you.  archangel_michael_by_edcamp65rhh and it will be so.

Archangel Michael speaks

Admit the Truth and Act Accordingly:

Honesty with yourself and your feelings is the first step to becoming the Truth Warrior that you already are.   There is fear of your own greatness.  Dear One, your voice is necessary during this time on Earth.  You have spent many lifetimes being punished for sharing your heart with the world, know this is not necessary to carry any more.  Ask Me, Archangel Michael,  to come and alleviate any fear of persecution.  When addressed in a disrespectful manner, it is your duty to reveal this treatment as unacceptable for yourself and for the other person.  We learn most quickly in relationship to one and other.  Bless these interactions, as they can only bring you closer to your truth.  Each time you utter your truth you help the other person as well. When we all become conscious, the clarity and movement towards ascension will move faster. Mother Earth does not want to leave anyone behind.  Each person is precious to the Mother.



Innocence brings peace, love and acceptance for yourself and one and other.  Look in awe at the perfection of the world, even the darker aspects.  Free Will dictates that we may all act in anyway we choose.  There is always a choice.  Today find your innocence through your inner child and LOVE.  There is more power in love than you might imagine.  Judgement makes separation.  With separation we perceive a hierarchy of people who are better and deserve more blessings.  The vibration of love in your heart is the ruling factor in your experience here on Mother Gaia.  Hold with intention that your love expand today.  Be surprised at the capacity for you to uplift the darkness with your light.  Remove pity from your response and replace with compassion.  Send Light and Angels to change the vibration of discourse around you.  You are the change you wish to see.  Each person who is awake enough to want peace for themselves eventually awakens to a more worldly perspective.  Let that start today with your neighbor.


I, Archangel Michael, have a Legion of Light ready to assist each and everyone of you to find more Love in your life.  We remove the fear.  Where there is fear, love cannot reside.  Worry and anxiety lowers your vibration.  Ask for my Legion of Light to surround you and your loved ones.  Our blessing will be felt like a shield.  Know that all you needs are met as you allow faith to fill you heart.  You are not alone.  You are a child of God.  You are held in His hands and  cherished.  You must remember to feel worthy of our Love and assistance.  You are God/Goddess in physical form.  The abandonment you feel from Source is the illusion.  There is no separation.  With your intension, you may reinstate your connection to All That Is.  We are at your disposal.  There is no request too small.  Peace is created on person at a time.